‘The best ‘Star Trek’ series in decades’: ‘Strange New Worlds’ rave reviews

Whether it’s Star Trek: Discovery or Star Trek: Picard, many Trekkies have mixed feelings about the new live-action sci-fi franchise. With “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”, it could finally be different again…

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The universe of the Star Trek series is booming. After ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘Star Trek: Picard’, ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ is now the third new live-action series from the famous sci-fi franchise in a few years (from offshoots anime such as “Star Trek: Lower Decks” and “Star Trek: Prodigy” not to mention). And it might finally make long-established Trekkies, who couldn’t and can’t do much with “Discovery” and “Picard,” happy again.

Just in time for the US launch of “Strange New Worlds” on May 5, 2022 on Paramount+, the first reviews for the “Discovery” spin-off have now emerged, bringing us a few years before the events of “Star Trek” Starship Enterprise Original Series featuring the adventures of Kirk’s predecessor, Captain Pike (Anson Mount). And previous reviews of the prequel series are full of praise.

Of the 17 reviews currently registered rotten tomatoes are all benevolent, which translates to a perfect score of 100% (!) upvotes on the platform so far. And the audience rating is not far below at 92% (although only 25 votes have been cast so far). This should correct a little lower in the days and weeks to come. What is certain, however, is that the latest “Star Trek” series is well received.

Back to the roots of “Star Trek”…

Multiple reviews, e.g. websites IGN and Slash Film, are themselves agree that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been the best Star Trek series in many years. That Paste Magazine going so far as to call it the best Star Trek series since Star Trek: The Next Century (aka Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Most people particularly liked the focus on the old forces, which still works incredibly well. This refers to both the more optimistic tone and the episodic structure of the series, which offers us complete space adventures in the individual episodes – as in the past:

“After spinoffs that featured harsh gloom or twisted mythology, Paramount+ may have cracked the ‘Star Trek’ code with a bright, upbeat, episodic new series,” said the Hollywood journalists.

Check out the opening credits of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”:

The industry review Variety lists similar virtues: “‘Strange New Worlds’ is content to get back to basics: a likeable cast that travels the galaxy, embarks on crazy sci-fi adventures, and just has a good time. And that approach works.”

This is also the opinion of the site The envelope, for which “Strange New Worlds” perfectly captures the humanism and humor of the original. And that too rolling stone is downright amazed at how the old ‘Trek’ formula still ignites after all this time: “The early episodes of ‘Strange New World’ have a bit of everything the franchise has tried over the years: exploration, diplomacy, action and even comedy.”

… and more fresh impulses

Despite this much-heralded return to Star Trek’s roots, Strange New Worlds seems to be taking a few steps forward in all the right places. On the one hand, of course, this applies to effects that are worth seeing. to blank page beat and RBC but we also read that the series has modern sensibility in classic character development contributes to it and thus breathes new life into them.

IndieWire in the meantime, somewhat critically mentions that there are moments that seem constructed, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that these are more than bearable, since everything else is so wonderfully done. It’s really gotten a little more critical on the side so far Giant scary robot, where the series obtains “only” 3 points out of 5 possible on its own scale of values. Nevertheless, “Strange New Worlds” is definitely better than the other new “Star Trek” series.

Wait longer in Germany

Of course, the enthusiastic voices about “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” don’t make it any easier to wait for the series. Unfortunately, it will have to wait a bit before it starts in Germany.

As before, nothing is known of a German date, so it’s still rumored that “Strange New Worlds” will be used as a big launch title when US streaming service Paramount+ finally pops up in Germany. However, this should only be the case in the second half of 2022according to a recent quarterly earnings report from parent company Paramount Global (via DWDL).

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