“Switch Sports”: This is where the controllers are toggled

Wii Sports for the old Nintendo console was a resounding success. Now the successor appears – with new sports and old strengths.

Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid and many more: Nintendo really has no shortage of top-tier and regularly reissued bestsellers. Here and there, the Japanese manufacturer also managed a surprise success. Wii Sports was one of them when it was released in 2006. The game consisted only of technology demos originally designed to test the motion sensors of the new Wii console controller.

Instead of pushing buttons like in classic video games, whole families would suddenly regularly gather in front of the television and play wildly bowling, boxing or tennis – with the controller in hand, which transferred the real movements , mainly oscillating, directly in the virtual world. . At the time, the game was included for free with the Wii console in the United States and Europe. This is no longer the case with the successor “Switch Sports”. Understandable, since the system is already in its sixth year.

“Switch Sports”: Just make room in front of the TV

The Nintendo Switch’s big advantage, the ability to play high-res games on the go, is lost here. For “Switch Sports” you need a TV and maximum space in front of it. Because nothing works here without the urge to move and a wide swing of the limbs.

There are currently six disciplines to choose from (an expansion is planned, see info box), this time the developers have given up on baseball and boxing. Tennis and bowling will this time be joined by football, volleyball, badminton and chanbara. The latter is a sword fight in which the opponent must be pushed from a platform into the water with targeted blows.

Operation only via Joy-Con controller

The classic “Pro Controller” is not supported by “Switch Sports”, the Joy-Cons are crucial to control each discipline. The two detachable controls, usually located on the sides of the console, are equipped with motion sensors, as they were on the Wii. One of the two Joy-Cons is sufficient for most sports, left-handed and right-handed can then choose their preferred side.

There is even a tutorial for volleyball, football and chanbara, which are a little more complex to master. If you buy the game from the store instead of downloading it from the Nintendo eShop, you will also receive a leg strap, needed for “Shootout”, a penalty shoot-out based sub-mode of the discipline of football. It even allows kicks by moving the right or left leg. However, accurate kicks proved difficult in the test.

Muscle pain threatens

On the other hand, regular control with the Joy-Con in hand worked nice and precise. This is especially important when bowling. It is also possible to play on special tracks here. These are equipped with obstacles such as bumpers and holes, requiring precise swings of the Joy-Con to bring one strike after the next.

In general, it is recommended, especially for less athletic players, to at least make their “strong arm” more flexible with a few warm-up exercises before starting. Since punches, shots and blocks are caused in almost all sports by moving the Joy-Con up and down in jerks, there is a risk of muscle soreness depending on the length of play – some like also “arm bowling” or “arm tennis” depending on their favorite sport. Yes, “Switch Sports” is strenuous, but it comes into its own when competing with other human players and, like its Wii predecessor, is great for parties and socials. Solitaires can also compete in three difficulty levels with the computer or in online mode with opponents from all over the world. There you collect points which can be used to buy clothes for your own freely customizable character.

Beware of flying Joy-Cons

Technically, Nintendo delivers at the expected level. The characters have a cute comic look, bright colors characterize the playing fields, music and sounds are reminiscent of “Wii Sports”. Everything serves its purpose, the game has nothing to do with a simulation anyway. “Switch Sports” wants to attract everyone, whether professional player or beginner.

One final note, which Nintendo repeatedly displays during gameplay, is expressly recommended for veterans and newcomers alike: Joy-Cons should be strapped to the wrist using the wrist strap that comes with console purchase. Otherwise, you risk accidentally throwing the controller in the direction of the TV while swinging. The first stories of gamers who not only destroyed the Joy-Cons but also their TV with such movements are currently spreading on the Internet – and it would spoil the entertaining fun in an unnecessary and painful way.

>>> INFO: “Change sport”

Switch Sports is from Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo Switch published. The game is available in stores with a leg strap for around $50 and has been USK approved for ages 6 and up.
At the start of the school year, Nintendo wants to add a free extension to the game: the six sports will then be added via download golf fashion.

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