Shepherd Heinrich is in the mood – for sex! Doldrums after Tinder date – people

Cult farmer Schäfer Heinrich (55) was already looking for a wife in 2008 in the RTL program “Bauer sucht Frau” in vain. Even after that, things didn’t really go well for him in love. Currently there is even an absolute sexual lull with him!

As Heinrich now admits, he was completely sexually slowed down by Corona.

The cult shepherd at BILD: “I haven’t had sex for two and a half years! Anyway, I haven’t met a woman. The Ballermann was closed and yet I didn’t come down from my yard. Of course it’s not good. I see that with my sheep, they get angry when they don’t have sex. It’s no different for men and women.”

Heinrich has no good memories of his last sex: “It was shortly before Corona and it was not a nice experience. My only one-night stand in life, I’ll put it aside .”

Heinrich had tried Tinder at the time. Shepherd: “It didn’t work and I deleted the app again. It was also too expensive for me.

Paid sex is also out of the question for Heinrich: “It’s usually bad and my money is too good for that.”

The Corona crisis has put a damper on the work of Schäfer Heinrich.  At the Ballermann in Mallorca, he could no longer sing a song and therefore did not know any womanFoto: ddp/pazimedia

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The Corona crisis has put a damper on the work of Schäfer Heinrich. At the Ballermann in Mallorca, he could no longer sing a song and therefore did not know any womanPhoto: ddp/pazimedia

Many women would just like to adorn themselves with Heinrich’s notoriety, but when it came to business, they retreated, he said.

Heinrich: “It happens to me again and again and it’s also annoying. First women seek my closeness and when I want closeness they run away again. I don’t know why either.”

Schäfer Heinrich (3rd from left in bottom row) in Foto: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

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Schäfer Heinrich (3rd from left in bottom row) in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. He thought some famous women were great. Unfortunately, they weren’t interested in him as a man.Photo: RTLZWEI, Banijay Productions Germany

Heinrich can currently be seen on the RTLZWEI show “Kampf der Realitystars” – and has taken a liking to some of his fellow contestants. He lists: “Elena Miras, Larissa Neumann and Cathy Hummels can make your head spin. I got along well with everyone, but that was it. I didn’t feel like I was interested in him as a guy. They prefer tattooed bad boys like Jan Leyk.”

Heinrich’s biggest sex symbol is Inka Bause (53), host of “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Inka Bause – an absolute dream woman for Schäfer HeinrichFoto: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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Inka Bause makes the shepherd Heinrich deliriousPhoto: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Heinrich: “She’s already a dream woman for me. But my chances aren’t really good here either.

Heinrich has now released a new party song in which he describes his problem. Self-ironic title: “I already had sex today”.

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