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The Federal President finally phoned kyiv and now received an invitation, slyly for “the whole head of state”. But doubts remain about German support. Maybrit Illner asks: “Creating peace with even more weapons – mistake or duty?”

The guests

Norbert Röttgen (56, CDU). The foreign politician has “no idea if an oil embargo is months away”.

Kevin Kuehnert (32, SPD). The Secretary General warns: “We must avoid incalculable chain reactions.”

Marina Weisband (34, green). The publicist accuses the search for compromise: “How many villages, how many cities do you want to leave to the Russian occupation?”

Professor Nicole Deitelhoff (47). The peace and conflict researcher wants to “keep open the channels through which we can influence Russian society”.

Ranga Yogeswar (62). The ARD host defends Alice Schwarzer’s open letter to the Chancellor: heavy weapons “could mean something that we don’t all want.” He comes from Hennef on screen.

Politics, science, media: how harmonious is your choir? The Zoff-o-Meter listens very carefully!

Zoff’s Wisest Opening

The fact that the cow has finally come out of the Ukrainian ice thanks to the phone call between the Federal President and his counterpart in kyiv deprives the talk show host of a promising polemic subject, because Röttgen and Kühnert no longer want to s invest in this.

“It looks like he made a contribution,” praised Röttgen for his party leader. Following the trip to Merz, the agreement between the two presidents is “a great thing”. More triumph should not be.

Norbert Röttgen (56, CDU)

Kühnert sits across from the CDU man in the gray wire like a chaplain and only complains that the phone call should have gone through Merz is a “bold assertion”. It has more to do with Scholz’s interview on Monday on ZDF. His facial expression signals maximum serenity.

Most insightful memory

ZDF clip shakes things up: After the mass protests of 1982 because of NATO’s modernization against Russian nuclear missiles, SPD Chancellor Helmut Schmidt scolded: “No understanding at all!” Rather red than dead” was one of the slogans for submitting to the Soviet threat!”

But now Yogeshwar is back to the old notch: “We have gotten more and more into military rhetoric, that we are talking more and more about weapons and not enough negotiations,” he complains. Hmm, negotiations! With Putin, who does not want to negotiate at all?

Most Dramatic Warning

Weisband braided the peasant braid around her head, which is popular in Eastern Europe, and says it clearly: “If Ukraine cedes areas, these are the areas where the rapes and torture take place, where the civilians are murdered. Dictatorship is not peace!

Marina Weissband (34)

Marina Weissband (34)

His fear: “All the nuclear powers look at us and say: oh, I just have to threaten a nuclear escalation and I’ll get whatever I want. As a compromise, if I wage a war of aggression, I get 50% of the territories I claim. It’s a fatal signal!

Most Amazing Argument

Peace researcher Deitelhoff believes: “The military objective is not a Ukrainian victory, but that Ukraine does not lose.

Peace and Conflict Researcher Prof.  Nicole Deitelhoff (47)

Peace and Conflict Researcher Prof. Nicole Deitelhoff (47)

Their leveling ground: The arms shipments are intended “in combination with massive economic sanctions” to create a situation “in which both parties to the conflict are ready to return to the negotiating table. “Haha. At whose expense is peace supposed to succeed?

Most obvious fix

“If you have an asymmetric conflict with one aggressor and one defender,” Weisband disagrees, “then strengthening the aggressor is more for war and strengthening the defender is a path to peace.” Period !

His perplexing question: “If Russia’s goal is to annihilate Ukraine and Ukraine’s goal is not to be annihilated, what exactly is the trade-off here? Mr. Yogeshwar’s addressee should not be the Chancellor, but Mr Putin!

The most surprising opening

Kühnert calmly listens to the discussion then suddenly launches one: “The fact that Ukraine is not in NATO makes a difference”, he declares first.

Kevin Kühnert finds the clear words

Kevin Kühnert finds the clear words

And then it comes: “It’s always painful to say that for the people who are suffering there at the moment”, says the SPD general, “but if the attack had been against Poland and not against Ukraine , we wouldn’t have heavy weapons today, but then the Bundeswehr would be in Poland and fighting there.” Boom!

most important word

“It is clear that the training of Ukrainian soldiers is not part of the war,” adds Kühnert. “According to international law, the delivery of heavy weapons is also not going to war.”

Putin has shown for years that he is “not interested in the rules of the game”, says the SPD general, developing a central doctrine of his party: “We must think about how we can prevent negligent actions !”

According to Kühnert, people are concerned about imploring gestures “if we do everything we can to make sure we don’t make careless gestures.”

sharpest edge

Röttgen considers it a “fundamental error of judgment” on the part of the writers of letters around Alice Schwarzer, “to believe that Putin needs excuses to make his policy. Weisband, whose family lives in kyiv, nods vigorously.

“Putin wants to destroy Ukraine and establish an empire,” the CDU politician said without hesitation. “It does not depend on whether we deliver Cheetah, Leopard 1 or Leopard 2.” For him, the Schwarzer letter is a “plea for the rights of the strongest”. wow!

most understandable wish

Co-signer Yogeshwar looks down from his screen with a wry smile. “It would be nice, Mr. Röttgen, if you read the letter very carefully,” he complains. It is not a question of “abandoning Ukraine”.

ARD presenter Ranga Yogeshwar (62)

ARD presenter Ranga Yogeshwar (62)

The most important point of the ARD science journalist is the worry about his own mistake: “I don’t want to sit there and say: Ok, we thought it would turn out like this, and it turned out differently” , he worries. In this case, however, his personal state of mind would probably be of secondary importance.

Then the Zoff-O-Meter turns red

The peace researcher again tries to assimilate it: “There is arrogance on both sides,” she says, laughing at first, but then she waves both hands angrily: “The fact is that the two sides work with innuendo!”

When Röttgen objects, the professor looks at him angrily: “Both sides are speculating about ultimate goals!”

Then follows a shocking platitude: “Honestly speaking, can I? asks Deitelhoff, visibly annoyed. “In science, I can tell you that it is very difficult for us to predict the outcome of conflicts because they have their own dynamics. Seriously now? phew!

Dumbest denial

After 20 minutes of demonstrative listening, fingers on lips, Kühnert has his word to say again and first wants to let out a balloon of indignation that has escaped: “The interview passage of Olaf Scholz in ‘Spiegel’ was expressly not that with the delivery of heavy weapons nuclear war is looming! “, he says.

“I saw it again with extra,” the talk show host replies and reads the text on her note. “That escalations must be avoided at all costs, that must be carefully considered,” she said, quoting the Chancellor. “That was the answer to the question of whether heavy weapons equal climbing!”

But Kühnert remains fit: “You can see that he does not assume that the delivery of heavy weapons will lead to nuclear war by the fact that shortly afterwards he himself announced the delivery of the Cheetahs from the flak. . Heidewitzka, Herr General!

Nastiest Innuendos

The professor still wants to score points: “The more we support Ukraine militarily and thus strengthen it in the confrontation with Russia”, she teaches, “there is of course always this risk that Ukraine will have less interest in the negotiations.” !

Yogeshwar is still annoyed: “When I listen to Mr. Röttgen, he scolds, I have the impression that we want to go back to the Cold War!

But the CDU politician lets the ARD man cool: “The cold war is irrevocably over. We have a hot war now.” Amen!

evening quote

“It cannot be a compromise that Ukraine now makes further concessions because that would only be an invitation to more war in Europe.” Marina Weisband


Rodeo of hysteria with arguments from yesterday’s spiral of excitement, antiquated ideology against experience-based realpolitik, cherished illusions shattered with the last desperate sympathies for Putin’s lying narratives: it was a talk -show in the “Thank God” category.

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