Martina and Lieselotte argue – mega praise from Thomas Hayo

Lieselotte (66) can score with Heidi and Hayo.Picture: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

In the current episode, Heidi Klum brings back her good friend Thomas Hayo as a guest judge. He wants to prepare the candidates for the final, on the tennis court and in the athletics stadium, which is not an easy task.

Simone Decker

Three more weeks until the final of the “next German top model”. In episode 14, Heidi Klum invited a “good old family friend”: casting director Thomas Hayo. “He’s such an icon at ‘GNTM’!” Luca (20) is happy. She is less happy with the task that the 53-year-old man entrusts to the candidates: They should play tennis while elegantly putting on high fashion dresses, with an elegant facial expression of course. Hayo asks for more: “It would be nice if you hit either ball.”

But that’s not just a problem for Luca: None of the candidates has ever held a tennis racket in their hands – now they should score points in a direct duel. Thomas Hayo moans: “Heidi, it’s a job!” Vivien (22) turns out to be surprisingly precise – quite the opposite of her competitor Martina: “You don’t look pretty like a model,” she criticizes the fifty-year-old. Thomas Hayo also complains: “She’s so tenacious!”

Heidi Klum brought back Thomas Hayo as a guest judge.

Heidi Klum brought back Thomas Hayo as a guest judge.Picture: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

The photographer ennobles Noëlla as “the best” of all the “GNTM” seasons

Noella, 25, turns out to be a “natural talent”. Photographer Max Montgomery is completely flashed by her appearance: “You are the best I have photographed in all seasons of ‘GNTM’! I had goosebumps,” he praises the Berliner from Congolese origin. Competitor Anita (21) is over: “The compliment is crazy, she can go straight to the final with it,” she said.

The photographer is also impressed with senior model Lieselotte: “She has a classic face, it’s a photographer’s dream”, he says, “she could also be an actress”. Thomas Hayo: “She looks like Glenn Close!”

Zoff between senior models

However, Lieselotte’s acting talent is fatal during the casting: instead of being authentic, the 66-year-old slips into the role of an “Italian blonde” in order to convince the client, a drinks manufacturer at the coffee shop. “One has the impression that Lieselotte did not quite understand the task”, but the criticisms are not long in coming. An authentic appearance was desired.

However, Lieselotte is unaware of any guilt after the casting and stresses, “I will not let myself bend.” A statement that does not please its competitor Martina. “You keep repeating: the client doesn’t know what he’s doing, she says. I find that disrespectful and ungrateful.” Lieselotte retorts: “I find your interpretation really cheeky, it’s an insinuation!” Who will have the upper hand in the end?

Juliana (25, left) and Noëlla (25) really want to move on

Juliana (25, left) and Noëlla (25) absolutely want to get ahead with “GNTM”.Picture: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

Lena “inspired everyone” – and came out

Martina and Lieselotte score points during the Elimination Walk, which takes place on a tartan track in a sports stadium. Heidi is particularly enthusiastic about the 66-year-old: “I fell in love with you a little more today! Even if you’re 80 or 90, you’ll still have that young spirit in you.” Thomas Hayo whispers to him: “Admit it, you love him too!”

The wobbly candidates this time are Lena (21) and Luca (20), who lost their duels. In the end, Heidi doesn’t have a photo for the curvaceous model Lena, but all it takes is a few warm words: “You inspired us all, Lena!

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