Is Germany taking gas from the poorest countries? It is not so easy

The lack of supplies has plunged Pakistan into an energy crisis – compensatory purchases on the world market could hardly be sustained for the country, and there is also a lack of gas to generate electricity. The country is now taking the two companies to court for breach of contract. But expert Zachmann fears that this could remain an isolated case: “In countries that cannot keep up with rising prices, then there may be more frequent power cuts,” he says.

The energy expert predicts that many countries will therefore increasingly revert to coal-fired power generation, citing examples of South Korea, Japan and China, which are also among the biggest LNG importers in the world. world. In contrast, a country like China is less likely to miss deliveries, he notes. “Companies are less concerned with short-term profits than with long-term strategic relationships,” says Zachmann.

Difficult to understand the reasons for delivery failures

Why there were or are delivery failures in the Pakistan case or in other cases can hardly be determined without statements from the companies involved – and certainly not why which tanker turned around, according to the expert. “It’s hard to figure out which ship was supposed to go where and where it finally delivered,” says Zachmann.

Future investor in Wilhelmshaven: The commissioning of the terminal is scheduled for the end of the year. From there, the deep-frozen liquefied natural gas that is landed by tank truck must be fed into the gas network after being heated. (Credit: Sina Schuldt/dpa images)

In fact, it creates optimal conditions for Russia to sell gas that is not purchased in Europe elsewhere. But the infrastructure is lacking, according to Zachmann: “Russia cannot get the gas out of the country.” For years, exports have been directed to the west, the pipeline network extends towards the EU – so other countries are left empty-handed.

He also points out that the growing demand for liquid gas is not only due to the desire of Western governments to cut ties with Russian supplies – the reasons also lie in Russia itself. “With the decline in gas supplies from Russia since last year, the government is doing nothing.”

“The pool water level is dropping”

The fact that prices are rising has something to do with both the increase in demand and the overall decline in supply in the global gas market: “Europe is buying gas on the market. Figuratively, this lowers the water level in the pool. , so something is missing,” says the expert.




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