‘I felt so helpless’: Heard: Depp abused me with bottles

Amber Heard has been on the witness stand for two days in the Johnny Depp libel trial. Today, the actress again reports numerous abuses from which she allegedly suffered. She also talks about the notorious dispute in Australia.

American actress Amber Heard testified for the second day in a row Thursday in Faifax, Virginia, in the libel lawsuit she and her ex-husband Johnny Depp are leading against each other. During her hearing, she again described the Hollywood star’s alleged violent outbursts under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

According to Heard, only she and Depp’s “loyal” employees knew about his heavy drinking, which is why she began photographing him during his “breakdowns.” Some of these recordings were shown in court. According to the 36-year-old, the actor can be seen “unconscious” on top of them after going through a few nights. The “Aquaman” actress also described how the 58-year-old had become too jealous over time. She repeatedly had to justify herself for acting jobs and stopped accepting roles in which she had romantic scenes or often had to wear short skirts and makeup.

In 2013, he proposed to her in London while she was filming “London Fields.” “He promised me that every day when I woke up he would make me smile at least once…I was so hopeful at that time,” Heard said. “I felt like the luckiest girl in the world,” she said. But soon after, the mood changed again when one of her colleagues on set invited her and other actors to a concert. When she asked Depp for permission, he threatened to break off the engagement. She was “stupid and naive to think that someone would invite me to a concert,” Heard said.

Jealousy of James Franco

After the Met Gala in New York in 2014, Depp became violent again, accusing him of flirting with a woman at the event. In the hotel room, Depp grabbed her by the collarbone and threw bottles. He also punched her in the face so hard she thought he had broken his nose.

Filming “The Adderall Diaries” was also “a nightmare” as Depp was jealous of Heard’s co-star James Franco. Depp accuses her ex of having an affair with her co-worker, who she previously dated on camera for “Pineapple Express.” On a flight to Los Angeles, where Depp “reeked of weed and booze,” he made a scene about Franco in front of his bodyguards and assistant, the 36-year-old said. Her questions about her kissing scenes with Franco became so explicit that she felt embarrassed in front of those present.

In order to avoid the argument, she changed seats several times, Heard continued. Depp threw various objects at her and punched, pushed and eventually kicked her in the back, knocking her to the ground. None of those present reacted to Depp’s outburst of violence. The Hollywood star then asked the flight attendant to bring her an oxygen bottle. He started “howling like an animal” and locked himself in the bathroom. She also recorded this because she knew Depp couldn’t remember it later. The recording was played in court.

“I felt helpless”

In Los Angeles, Heard did not return home with Depp, but went to a hotel. There she cried a lot. “I felt helpless…I tried to find the strength to leave him.” In a text message, the “Sweeney Todd” star apologized for his “blackout”. A little later, he visited her in New York to prove to her that he was sober and decided to change. “I took him back on the condition that he keep his promise to do the treatment and full detox.” Depp became addicted to opioid painkillers in 2011 after an accident on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp himself and several witnesses also commented on the theft in stride. They allege Heard argued and yelled at her fiancé, which caused him to lock himself in the bathroom with a pillow. The actor also denies becoming violent. He took such a dose of opioids before the flight that he just wanted to sleep. Because of the “extreme downers”, he couldn’t even fight physically, as he said on the witness stand.

A month before the wedding, Depp became violent again, according to Heard. He threw her against the wall and when she tried to run away, he pulled her hair and threw her to the ground. He hit her with his knee in the back. “He shouted at me that it was over. He didn’t want to marry me (…) And I remember crying on the ground.” It broke his heart. Just a month later, they got married.

Heard reports of Australian dispute

The actress also opened up about her notorious row in Australia, in which Depp allegedly lost a finger. Her ex took ‘eight to 10 MDMA pills’ and accused her of having affairs with her ‘The Danish Girl’ co-stars. The next day, Depp was still awake and looking for a fight. The actress admitted that she did not remember the exact order of events. However, Depp slept with his head against the wall and insulted her as a “whore”, a “bitch” and a “fat ass” before throwing her against a ping pong table and repeatedly punching her in the face.

The argument was also about Depp’s drinking, Heard continued, visibly upset. She was trapped behind the bar as Depp threw bottles and cans at her. He ripped off her nightgown so she stood naked in front of him, then he pushed her down onto the bar and inserted a bottle into her vagina and “kept pushing it into me”. He kept telling her that he hated her. She saw so many shards around her that she prayed the bottle wasn’t broken, Heard said through tears.

Shortly after, she was able to escape Depp and went to her bedroom. She suffered numerous injuries in the fight, including to the face. The next day, she found herself in a devastated house, Heard reported. Depp smashed furniture and scribbled blood and paint all over the walls. When she found the 58-year-old, she also saw his injured finger for the first time. Depp, on the other hand, claims that Heard stubbed out a cigarette in his face and threw bottles at him. The second bottle slammed into the bar and hit his hand, cutting off a piece of his middle finger.

Do the photos prove the injuries caused by Depp?

Back in Los Angeles, there were many more cases of domestic violence, Heard continued. She once saw messages on her iPad from Depp and another woman he apparently cheated on her with shortly after the wedding. In the ensuing argument, which also included her younger sister Whitney and Depp’s bodyguard Travis McGivern, she first punched her husband for assaulting her sister. McGivern himself testified to the incident a few days ago. His statements and those of Heard differ widely.

A few months later, in December 2015, another violent argument broke out. Depp pulled her hair and headbutted her. He hit her several times in the face with his clenched fist. She felt no pain, but feared for her life because he threatened her with death, the 36-year-old said. The jury was then shown photos of Heard with bruises on his face and an injured lip. Another shows a tuft of blonde hair lying on the floor. Johnny Depp also denied this incident in court.

When she was a guest on the “Late Late Show with James Corden” a day later, she painted over her wounds with heavy makeup and lipstick. For their first Christmas together as a married couple, the original plan that year was to celebrate with friends and relatives in the Bahamas. Seeing her injuries, however, her friends canceled the trip, Heard continued. She then flew to the Bahamas over the holidays with Depp and her two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. “It was a little easier to stay, I wanted to be with the good Johnny that I loved,” Depp told the jury of his decision.

It beats at Christmas

Towards the end of the trip, Depp started drinking again. He kept dozing off with a glass in his hand and doused it with red wine. Once she got up and called, “Johnny, what are you doing?” As she was changing, her ex-husband banged her against the closet wall and threatened her, “If you ever embarrass me in front of my kids again, I’ll kill you.” He put his finger in her vagina through her bathing suit and asked her if she was “as tough as a man”. She ran away, but Depp followed her to the parking lot, where he grabbed her hair until two employees arrived and pulled them apart.

Johnny Depp didn’t even look at his ex-wife.

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Like Wednesday, Depp didn’t even look at his ex-wife throughout his audition. Instead, he sat in his seat with his head bowed. Images circulating on the Internet show that the actor has been drawing most of the time since the start of the trial. From time to time, he reacted to his ex-wife’s statements by shaking his head or laughing.

The defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues on May 16. Then, the actress will also have to cross-examine questions from her ex-husband’s lawyers. Oral arguments are expected on May 27. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over a 2018 article she published in The Washington Post. In it, she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. Depp didn’t mention her by name, but he claims the job ruined his career, damaged his reputation and cost him a lot of money. Heard has filed a $100 million counterclaim against her ex.

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