ESC 2022: results of the international vote

CES 2022: EU-wide voting raises fears of disaster for German contribution

Germany: zero points? From a German perspective, this could become the motto of the evening when the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 takes place in Italy. The hard-core fanbase makes a clear judgment.

The decision on victory will only be made in the final on May 14 in Turin. But the hard core of ESC fans had already given a clear opinion: The German song? You don’t need it.

The result of a Europe-wide vote among ESC fan clubs cannot be understood otherwise. There is no enthusiasm for the song “Rockstars” with which Malik Harris starts for Germany. After the selection of songs for the national preliminary round has already been heavily criticized, officials must continue to worry. The nightmarish result of zero points is within the realm of possibility.

What does the vote say before CES 2022?

The survey at issue here was organized by the Association of ESC Fan Clubs across Europe. The OGAE (General Organization of Eurovision Amateurs) claims more than 10,000 members. In order to simulate a vote like at ESC 2022, the respective national clubs allocated their points. Just as each country will ultimately vote individually in a real competition.

Of course, only a small portion of later viewers were interviewed. On the other hand, there are also avowed fans of the contest who are organized in the OGAE and will certainly want to vote later – and have probably already listened to all the songs in advance.

The German song far behind in the ESC vote

The results of the vote give Malik Harris pause. “Rockstars” received a total of two points. Only in Latvia was the song popular enough to be noted. This means 24th place among entries rated by 43 participating fan clubs. The fact that there were also a number of contributions without any points does not improve the result.

The top 3 clearly shows where the serious score lies. Sweden got 393 points, Italy got 387 points and Spain got another 294 points.

How the German song for ESC 2022 was determined

This time, viewers were once again able to vote directly on which musicians should perform for Germany at ESC 2022. However, the shortlisting made by music experts from ARD radio programs among all applicants sparked controversy. . Metal band Eskimo Callboy (now renamed Electric Callboy) was not admitted to the preliminary round. The official justification was: not “suitable for radio” enough. The band’s supporters stood up, started a petition, but couldn’t get the officials to change their minds.

In view of this much-noted controversy, the search for the next CES contribution was not ideal from the start. So far, there is no indication that the selection process has paid off in terms of scoring.

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