Break the rules ? FIA investigates Ferrari tire test!

( – The Pirelli tire test at Imola after the Formula 1 race at the same location could still have consequences for Ferrari. The World Automobile Federation (FIA) has launched an investigation into the traditional team. There is a possible violation of the rules in the room.

Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari F1-75 during the Formula 1 tire test for Pirelli at Imola 2022


During road tests with 2023 tyres, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz each spent half a day in the Ferrari F1-75, but with different underpinnings. This is proven by photographs from the Formula 1 tests. And the question now is whether the use of the various subfloors is covered by the regulations or not.

Article 10.8 of the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations stipulates which parts teams can use in Pirelli tire testing. For example, development parts that have not been used before are expressly not permitted.

The wording of Formula 1’s crucial rule

The wording of the rule read: “In these road tests, vehicles may only use components of one specification which have been used in at least one race or test with current cars during the championship year in The cars must always comply with the technical regulations.”

“No test parts, component changes or configuration changes that would allow a team to obtain information unrelated to tire testing are permitted.”

“Changes to the technical configuration and […] Component changes are only permitted if they have been previously agreed with the tire supplier and if they are necessary for the correct evaluation of the tires or the performance of the tire tests.”

Ferrari claims: They did nothing wrong!

Does the substructure used at Sainz in the afternoon meet these requirements? So far it is not clear if this underbody was used before the Imola test. The morning version at Leclerc would have matched the status of Formula 1’s opening race in Bahrain and would therefore be legal.

Ferrari itself has yet to comment on the underbody versions. However, the team insists it has fully complied with the rules and is awaiting further investigation by the FIA ​​into the matter.

According to information from ‘’, at least two teams have asked the world association to clarify Ferrari’s situation during the tire test at Imola. The corresponding investigations are in progress.

The choice of words in the article mentioned and whether or not the “components” cover deviations in the designs developed further can also be decisive.

Crucial underbody for further development in 2022

In fact, Formula 1 car underbody is critically important for further development at the start of the 2022 season, as teams strive to minimize or completely eliminate so-called porpoising by bringing in adjustments.

Photos: 2022 Formula 1 Pirelli tire test at Imola

Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri contested the two days of tire testing at Imola on April 26 and 27. Alpine also drove on the first day, Ferrari only on the second. Ferrari will then be the soloist for the next Pirelli tire test in June at Mugello.

Anyway, this is not the first controversy over a Pirelli tire test in recent Formula 1 history: in 2013, a Mercedes test in Barcelona caused a stir because the team was “secret”. for Pirelli and with a car that was common at the time had driven.

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