Brangelina insider unpacks: Brad Pitt on the ground! Mud fight for children – friends

He fights desperately for his children, but it may be in vain…

In September 2016, the actress submitted Angelina Jolie (46 years old) divorced from Brad Pitt (58 years old) – before that, the two stars were THE dream couple in Hollywood. Her family of three adopted children and three biological children looked like something out of a picture book before “Brangelina’s” marriage broke up.

For years, Angelina and Brad have been embroiled in what is probably Hollywood’s most bitter custody battle – SHE desperately wants sole custody of the children who are still minors.

The actor does not just want to accept this and fights for his children. An insider reveals how dramatic the relationship between Brad and his children is. And he knows it: Pitt has now almost completely lost touch with all of his children…

Angelina and five of her six children at a premiere last yearFoto: picture alliance / Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

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Angelina and five of her six children at the ‘Eternals’ premiere last yearPhoto: Picture Alliance/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Brangelina insider unpacked, “Brad accepts responsibility for a lot of the things that led to the end of the marriage, but he blames Angie for taking him away from his kids.”

The relationship with her adopted children Maddox (20), Pax (18), Zahara (17) is particularly strained, but her biological children Shiloh (15) and twins Knox and Vivienne (13) are no longer the same.

A joint reunion with his six children? This shouldn’t have happened in five years!

Contact with his eldest adopted sons has even been completely severed: “The thing is, he hasn’t seen Maddox or Pax at all. They really don’t want anything to do with him.”

But things aren’t much better with the younger ones either: “Zahara is 100% Team Angie – she’s a mom-child and she doesn’t have a good bond with Brad anymore.”

And further: “The twins are taking her calls and texts, but the bond isn’t as strong as it used to be.”

A photo of happy times: In 2011, Brad and Angelina's family happiness was still intactFoto: picture alliance / abaca

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A photo of happy times: In 2011, Brad and Angelina’s family happiness was still intactPhoto: photo alliance / abaca

And Shiloh? She’s always been Brad’s best hope, but the insider says, “She doesn’t call him back or text him back. And that’s because of pressure from Angie, who’s afraid that Shiloh, who looks so much like her dad, doesn’t side with Brad, that’s Angie’s biggest fear.

Brad’s hopes of reuniting with his children are dwindling: “Now they’ve almost all grown up and doing their own thing. The more time passes, the less hope he has.

A fact that weighs heavily on the actor, according to the insider: “He basically lost his kids. It’s very painful for Brad.”

It’s debatable whether Brad’s relationship with his children will improve again, but he would like it…

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