Boris Becker: His difficult daily life in prison

His life has fundamentally changed! About a week ago, on April 29, former tennis ace Boris Becker (54) was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a London court. The reason: delay in bankruptcy! Since his conviction, Becker has been in solitary confinement at the notorious Wandsworth prison, in the south-west of the British capital. His current girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (33), who has her lover’s back, visited him there.

In the video above, you can find out why Boris Becker’s fellow prisoners are advising him to dye his hair urgently.

Even though the 54-year-old can be released mid-term if he does well, he still has to spend the next few months behind bars. And it might be hard! The newspaper “Bild” has currently given an intimate insight into the daily routine of the former tennis champion – and it shows that Becker has to follow strict rules!

Boris Becker: He is not allowed to leave his cell after 7 p.m.

According to the prison protocol available to “Bild”, Boris is only allowed to leave his mini-cell in block E of the prison complex to be served food and take a twenty-minute break. Becker is also allowed to leave his solitary confinement cell for about 30 minutes twice a week during community time to talk to other inmates in the prison hallways. The former sports professional is not allowed out of his cell after 7 p.m.

Otherwise, Wandsworth’s rules are strict! According to this, Boris Becker is woken up at 7 a.m. every morning and has his breakfast at 8 a.m., which consists of, among other things, cornflakes, whole wheat biscuits and toast. A prison employee told “Bild”: “The portions are small.”

Boris Becker: This is the pocket money he receives every week

Becker, who is supposed to stay locked in his cell most of the time, is also only allowed to shower twice a week for ten minutes each – and that in a communal shower! Pocket money is also saved in the London Jail. According to “Bild”, Boris receives the equivalent of 11.75 euros per week. He can use the money to buy chocolate or toiletries, among other things. Luxury? Nothing! The only privilege Boris Becker can hope for: according to the newspaper “Bild”, he was allowed to keep his own sneakers, underwear and various T-shirts.

Will it stay that way in the future? Uncertain! Becker will soon receive a cellmate, a so-called “listener”. A prison employee told ‘Bild’: “They are older, respected prisoners. They take care of the new ones. They are often religious, come into the cells with the Bible, offer to help.” Becker won’t be dependent on help for long, however, as he would be moved to a new, less strict London-area prison in eight to 10 weeks.

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