WoW Dragonflight, WotLK Classic, Cataclysm 2.0, Lost Ark: April 2022 for MMO fans

Welcome to the new and improved video recap of the top topics from the past month! April 2022 was all about Blizzard’s announcement event, where the new WoW expansion Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic were on the agenda. But April also saw new endgame content for Lost Ark, a player record for Lord of the Rings Online, and more. Make yourself comfortable, we summarize everything for you.

Everything important from April 2022 for MMO fans

MMO fans who want to update in minutes can do so in our April 2022 Highlight Video below. And the almost ten minutes are well spent. Finally, there were exciting announcements with Dragonflight, WotLK Classic, and the PC version of Diablo Immortal, as well as content updates for Lost Ark, FF14, and Black Desert.

WoW Classic: Is Cataclysm also coming?

The most important news for bookworms

If you’d rather skim through the texts than watch a video (there should be one here and there), you’ll also find April 2022’s most important MMO topics below.

WoW: Dragonflight

On April 19, the WoW devs pulled the dragon out of the bag. As soon as the current Shadow Lands adventure is completed, all heroes of Azeroth in the new expansion Dragonflight to the Dragon Islands. In addition to the required quests, dungeons, and raid instances, the new Dracthyr race caller class, also unreleased, awaits you there. The summoner can switch between a humanoid form and a dragon form, and can use the powers of different aspects of the dragon.

The fact that you learn a special way to ride a dragon with Dragonflight also fits into the dragon theme. Unlike normal flight, you have special abilities and you can train and customize the scaly mounts.
And then Blizzard wants to retire the current talent matrix early and bring back the old talent trees in a new form. The old-school crafting system and UI should also get a lot of love. Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear when you’ll be able to try out Dragonflight for yourself. Blizzard didn’t even get carried away with a 2023 release window. There’s no date for the beta either. Here it goes our big WoW: Dragonflight overview page.

Dragon Flight WoW | NOTICE | Good features, but no emotions

Wrath of the Lich King classic

Blizzard not only announced Dragonflight in April, but also the new edition of the most successful expansion in WoW history with Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and that’s exactly what is set to release this year. Ten new zones await you in Northrend, Dalaran as a flying capital, twelve dungeons and the entry-level raids Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum and Archavon’s Chamber. There’s also the death knight, the inscription profession, the introduction of achievements, the Ancient Beach PvP battleground, and the level cap increase from 70 to 80.

Unlike back then, every WoW fan will be able to create a Level 55 Death Knight in the pre-launch phase of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Blizzard also plans to completely remove the automated group search from the first Wrath of the Lich King to preserve the spirit of classic community. Also for WotLK Classic, we have an overview page.

wow | Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming – it’s changing!

Sprint to the TBC Classic Finals

In order for Wrath of the Lich King Classic to actually release this year, Blizzard is currently pressing the gas in Burning Crusade Classic. PvP Season 3 is supposed to surprisingly end in early May. For comparison: in the original TBC, season 3 lasted 29 weeks. Now there are only 15 left. And the developers aren’t taking the time to properly test the latest phase of content either. The test server with Isle of Quel’Danas and Sunwell Plateau has only been online for a few days. Season 4 of PvP and the finals to be confirmed should start a little later in May.

While over 320,000 active characters were still tallied in raid instances and TBC Classic Arenas in April (via, Championship Season Realms only have around 7,500 active Heroes of Azeroth. in endgame. They are currently facing one of the most difficult tests of the vanilla era, to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj. In the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, players can expect an optional hard mode that not only makes bosses harder, but also allows tentacles to pop out of the ground everywhere.

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