Vodafone GigaMobil (Young): New mobile phone tariffs with more data volume from June 1

Since June 1, Vodafone has shaken up the range of mobile phone tariffs formerly called “Red” and now offers them under the name GigaMobil (Young), each with more data volume at the same monthly price. As always, the devil is in the details, like the Vodafone Pass or discounts.

GigaMobil XS, S, M and XL replace Red tariffs

Instead of Red XS (4 GB), S (10 GB), M (20 GB), L (40 GB) and XL (unlimited data volume), the new mobile phone tariffs will be called GigaMobil XS, S, M and XL from June 1 – that Absent “L” is not a mistake, because under the new tariff structure, this tariff will only be available for GigaMobil Young tariffs for those under 28.

Up to 25% more data volume

The price is unchanged from the previous one, as shown in the following chart. For 29.99 euros monthly (XS), 39.99 euros (S), 49.99 euros (M) or 79.99 euros (XL), Vodafone offers 5 GB, 12 GB, 25 GB or unlimited data volume up to the 5G network (NSA and SA) and a flat rate for calls to all networks. An SMS plan is also included, but MMS is no longer listed, although it will no longer play a role at Vodafone with the shutdown on 17 January 2023. The XL tariff also includes a “OneNumber SIM card” with the same number mobile phone for smartwatch or tablet.

The new GigaMobil tariffs from 1 June 2022 (Image: Vodafone)

What about the Vodafone Pass?

With the new tariffs, Vodafone seems to be focusing on data traffic, where 20% (S) and 25% (XS, M) more of the included data volume is available with the switchover. However, users of the new tariffs should note that the previously free Vodafone Pass, which allows a zero rating for chat, social media, music or video applications, will no longer be offered in the future after the ‘Federal Network Agency will have stopped marketing it. 1st of July. From a purely legal point of view, GigaMobil tariffs from June 1 should still include it and the pass should be deactivated by the end of March 2023, as for existing customers. Remarketing is only prohibited from July 1st. The publishers are still in consultation with Vodafone in this regard.

GigaMobil Young with more data volume

The old “Red L” with 40 GB of data volume is only available with the new tariffs like GigaMobil Young L, which complements the variants S, M and XL there, while the XS is not available for prices for young people. With prices of 24.99 euros (S), 29.99 euros (M), 37.99 euros (L) and 69.99 euros (XL), the price structure of the GigaMobil Young is identical to the previous one. In addition to the data volume now of 10 GB (S), 30 GB (M), 50 GB (L) and unlimited (XL), these rates also include a flat rate for calling on all networks and for SMS.

The new GigaMobil Young tariffs from June 1, 2022
The new GigaMobil Young tariffs from 1 June 2022 (Image: Vodafone)

GigaKombi is still available

Irrespective of the regular or Young tariffs, the GigaDepot, i.e. taking the unused data volume with you the following month, SpeedGo (the possibility of reserving the data volume), roaming in the EU and Wi-Fi calling are always included. All tariffs can also be combined with the “GigaKombi” with a fixed tariff from Vodafone, reducing the price by up to 15 euros and increasing the data volume. GigaMobil XS and S get 50% more data volume with the GigaKombi, i.e. 7.5 GB and 18 GB, while GigaMobil M and XL go to unlimited data volume, which is not plus an advantage apart from the discount with the already unlimited XL tariff brings . With the GigaMobil Young, the GigaKombi can be applied to tariffs M, L and XL, but not to tariff S, where it only brings 5 ​​GB of additional data volume on top of the discount.

Old red tariffs with a reduction of up to 30%

Speaking of discounts: Vodafone is announcing the same prices for the new GigaMobil (Young) as the previous Red tariffs, but the latter are currently on offer at 20% (regular) until 31 May, i.e. until on the eve of the changeover. 30% discount (Young) per month for a period of 24 months.

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