Vettel warns of ‘underwater’ Grand Prix

5:18 p.m.

And Gasly meets “His Airness”

Lando Norris might have the helmet in a basketball look, but Pierre Gasly met him: Michael Jordan, one of the most famous basketball pros of all time. Nickname: His air.

Gasly talks about an “incredible dinner” with Jordan. And his fellow Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo commented: “I really think I should have cried!”

5:09 p.m.

Norris plays basketball

As we have it from McLaren: This is Lando Norris’ special design for the Miami Grand Prix. A helmet like a basketball, worthy of the United States of America.

4:58 p.m.

McLaren boss favors rotating schedule

More and more racing, that’s not possible in Formula 1, says McLaren boss Zak Brown. He says: “Logistically, we cannot manage more than 23 Grands Prix. At first glance, everyone has the impression: [23] are the maximum.”

But Formula 1 constantly receives more offers for additional races. Brown sees the solution in a so-called rotational calendar, in which certain Grands Prix are not held every year but, for example, every two years.

He does the math: “So if, for example, we have 17 [fixe] races and five more in rotation then we would still be at 23 races and our numbers remained the same. We would not increase the frequency, but the number of markets. And there are many sports that hold their competitions every two or four years. A Grand Prix only every four years is not really possible, but every two years would work.”

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Zak Brown: Miami ‘not a threat’ to Classics

McLaren boss Zak Brown doesn’t think the new Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami will pose a threat to traditional racing. “They are all different. When people ask me which is the best Grand Prix, I always say: ‘I can’t name just one, there are several.'” Brown points to Singapore, Monaco, Silverstone or Abu Dubai. .

But Miami is definitely going to make a difference, says Brown, namely: “It will be the benchmark for all other [Rennen] Set higher.” Brown isn’t saying how and why at this point. In an earlier media interview, however, the McLaren boss stressed that Miami should be considered a commercial success upfront.

4:32 p.m.

It’s getting colorful in Miami

The images from Miami already give a first impression that a colorful weekend awaits us. Guanyu Zhou’s special design on the pilot’s helmet also fits in: lots of cool colors!

And anyone who has ever been to Miami knows that the art scene is very lively there, for example in the Miami Beach district with buildings in Art Deco style or with graffiti on the Wynwood Walls.

4:22 p.m.

And speaking of pictures!

Of course, we already have the first shots of Miami in our Formula 1 photo gallery. It contains photos from the team presentation last night, but also the first images from the course. Feel free to take a look at our previous selection – and of course we are constantly adding new designs to the gallery!

Photos: F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2022, pre-events

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Pretty cool…

… Fernando Alonso was almost 20 when he completed a sponsorship appointment for his then Renault team in Miami in the 2004 season.

Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on it throughout the weekend to see if it performs similarly or not at Grand Prix 2022! 😉

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Pretty expensive …

… by the way, the Miami Grand Prix is ​​for on-site spectators. Want to spend a pleasant family weekend at the racecourse? It might be difficult at this event. How the race organizers justify the high ticket prices, you can now read in the news of my colleague Norman Fischer!

3:55 p.m.

Why Runway Designers Went “A Little Crazy”

Clive Bowen and his company Apex Circuit Design are behind the design of the circuit in Miami. And in fact, they had counted on being able to include 199th Street in the layout at the south end of the course. After protests from locals, however, they refrained from doing so. “So we had to change a lot,” says Bowen. “On the other hand, it gave us the opportunity to go a little crazy.”

What Bowen calls “crazy” means, for example, in concrete terms: the Formula 1 track leads through the facilities of the Miami Tennis Open. “It made us rather unpopular, as you can imagine,” Bowen said.

But: You got along with each other. Because the road was built first, then the tennis court was built above it. “That tennis [Anfang April] When it was done, we had to quickly move all that equipment and put it back on the track,” explains Bowen.

3:43 p.m.

And what can you expect from this course?

Parking, artificial harbour, lots of sunshine and lots of palm trees all around: this is the backdrop to the Miami Grand Prix. The only question that remains is: what can we expect from this Formula 1 race?

We have compiled the answers to the most important questions about the new Grand Prix in this article. Don’t hesitate to take a look!

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Video: A Quick Tour of Miami

19 bends over 5.4 kilometers, plus three DRS zones: this is the Miami International Autodrome around Hard Rock Stadium. And what a flying lap looks like from the cockpit perspective, we can see in this video, with the “look and feel” of Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari F1-75. Let’s go!

3:21 p.m.

Presentation of the team at night in Miami

Formula 1 drivers and team officials have of course been in Miami for a long time, they were there last night. A special team presentation took place on the circuit: under the spotlight, all drivers and their team managers were individually invited on stage, spoke to the fans and threw merchandising into the crowd. And many of those involved took the opportunity to express their enthusiasm for the Formula 1 race in Miami. In short: this racing trip was a pleasure to begin with.

The following video gives a small impression of this launch event and the “vibes” on site in Miami!

3:16 p.m.

We start!

Hello and welcome to the live Formula 1 ticker on the Thursday before the first Miami Grand Prix! Today with Stefan Ehlen. Your direct line to me: via Twitter and/or the hashtag #FragMST also on Twitter. Do not hesitate to ask me your questions and I will raise them in the ticker!

And here is this Formula 1 Thursday!

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