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Several thousand employees of crèches, youth offices and other sectors of social work followed the call for a warning strike. Disabled workers are on strike today.

A central demonstration is planned for noon in Hanover in front of the building of the municipal employers’ association. According to ver.di, more than 3,000 participants yesterday took part in campaigns in Hanover, Lüneburg, Braunschweig and Oldenburg, among other places. In Hanover, all municipal nurseries have been closed. The state capital had announced the measure in response to the warning strikes. According to a city spokesperson, seven of Braunschweig’s 33 child care centers remained closed.

More specialist staff, more holidays, more money

Social workers initially went on strike on Monday. Among other things, Ver.di is asking for more specialized staff, relief days and more money for employees. They want to be better grouped together in the salary scales: educators or social workers should go up a notch, that is to say be better paid in principle. In addition, employees are demanding better break rules, more time for preparation and follow-up work in the group and additional rest days.

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The next round of negotiations begins on May 16

With the warning strikes, ver.di and the association of civil servants dbb want to increase the pressure in the collective bargaining dispute with the municipal employers. Talks for around 330,000 social and education workers were adjourned in March for a third round of talks on May 16-17 in Potsdam without any results. There have already been numerous regional warning strikes in recent weeks.

Further information

Educators demonstrate in downtown Hamburg for better working conditions and financial recognition of work.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Marcus Brandt

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A sign that says

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The IKEA logo.  © picture alliance / abaca Photo: Le Tellec Stéphane/ABACA

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Several people are participating in a daycare strike.  © picture alliance/dpa/Bodo Marks Photo: Bodo Marks

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