The former GTA boss is working on a new MMO

Former Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies is currently working on a game called Everywhere with his new studio. Now, more information about the project has surfaced.

What kind of game is it? The Everywhere title made headlines a while ago when Leslie Benzies and his new studio Build a Rocket Boy Games raised $42 million to fund the project.

At the time, Everywhere was advertised as a “massive open-world game” that was essentially about drawing inspiration from everywhere and wanting to offer real freedom. But we didn’t know much.

Now, a few new details have surfaced.

Who is Leslie Benzies? Leslie Benzies was a longtime producer at Rockstar and accompanied several games, some in management positions. Among others, he was involved in GTA III – V, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Max Payne 3.

Everywhere is the first project from his new company Build a Rocket Boy Games, which also has several former GTA employees.

Open world, multiplayer and story are on board

It is now known: There’s a little preview of “Everywhere” in a portfolio from Galaxy Interactive investors, which shows in more detail what kind of game you can probably rely on.

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Everywhere is said to be an open-world AAA game that wants to provide a multiplayer experience that includes an epic multi-level story.

Players must also play a creative role. The concept speaks of a “virtual sandbox” in which players must create their own worlds. Additionally, social and streaming elements are included.

The term “Real-life Ready Player One” is also mentioned.

What is Ready Player One? Ready Player One is a 2018 film based on the 2011 science fiction novel of the same name. The story focuses on what is called “Oasis”, an online world in which players can be whatever they want.

You connect to it through virtual reality and completely escape into this world. Which, in turn, is packed with missions and challenges, from car racing to full-fledged shooters. People take an avatar there according to their wishes – in the film, the concept had plenty of room for cameo appearances from the gaming world and other pop cultures.

What does this mean for the game? The concept of the Oasis would be part of the great freedom of “Everywhere” and the aspect that it should be inspired by everywhere.

Also, the game’s website talks about a war between good and evil, everything changes and a new world is coming. Players must help shape them.

“You, as players, are integral to the creation, growth and future of EVERYWHERE,” he says. “Our journey together begins when you sign up for EVERYWHERE. Over time, through challenges on the site and in the game, your player will evolve and your place in EVERYWHERE will become clearer”.

What exactly is behind it and when the game will appear – it’s still open.

What do you think of the new project from the GTA maker? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, in GTA Online, we know what awaits you in the near future with the GTA+ subscription service.

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