Shooting in Duisburg: Hells Angels and clan members involved – news

Police say at least four people being treated in surrounding hospitals were injured. There are probably no serious injuries. Police also said there had been an argument between several people at the Altmarkt in Hamborn at 8.30pm – there were apparently 80-100 people there. “One of the injured was specifically searched for in a bakery and shot therePolice say a homicide commission has taken over the investigation.

Securing evidence at night and in the morning

Extensive forensic examinations were carried out at the scene of the crime during the night and in the morning. Among other things, aerial shots by drone and a complex 3D image were created in order to reconstruct the angle of view, for example. Investigators are working hard on the case. “Authors should not feel safe. We prosecute criminal offenses with vigor and with all the rule of law can muster“, says the chief prosecutor of Duisburg, Christina Wehner.

Connecting to events in other cities in the Ruhr area?

In other Ruhr towns, according to the police, groups “got together“A spokesperson said verbatim. Police are now checking to see if the events are linked.”We have identified active people who can possibly be affected in the middle of the rocker and/or the clan“The spokesperson continued. The police announced new measures in the evening.

Interior Minister Reul: 15 participants arrested

NRW– Interior Minister Herbert Reul (UDC) confirmed on Thursday that those involved were “both members of the Hells Angels and members of a Turkish-Arab clan known to the policeAccording to initial findings, at least 19 shots were fired. Four people were injured, some seriously, by bullets. A total of 15 participants, all of whom could be attributed to one of the two groups, were arrested.

In progress “each video clip“evaluated.”These videos and photos from Duisburg are shocking“Reul continued. The incident shows that”Rockers and clans sometimes do things together“At the same time, the minister defended his department’s crackdown on organized crime in recent years.If we hadn’t cracked down so hard, scenes like Duisburg would have happened more often.“, he said. The clan crime is “nothing PR-Invention“.

Also Duisburg IF is “shocked

Lord Mayor of Duisburg Sören Lien (SPD) wrote of the events in Duisburg-Hamborn on Thursday afternoon: “I am shocked and sad. Of course, we have to wait and see what the police investigations into yesterday’s events in Hamborn reveal. It seems clear: here the clashes in the rocker and clan milieu took place on the street, uninvolved people were put in mortal danger. A whole neighborhood was terrified.

Next link NRW– Interior Minister Reul in a phone call “asked for a clear commitment to leave the police in the north of Duisburg.“This Be”no alternative“. The rule of law must act fully and the crimes must be clarified to the smallest detail”, continued Sören Link.

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