Raphael in Q4 ’22, Dragon Range and Phoenix then 2023

Ryzen 7000 processor roadmap released 2 minute read

AMD has released a new roadmap that previews upcoming Ryzen processors for Zen 4-based desktop systems and laptops. Ryzen 7000 aka Raphael will launch in the last quarter of this year, and AMD is planning two platforms. -shapes for gaming laptops with Dragon Range and Phoenix for 2023.

During the new quarterly figures, AMD presented, among other things, an updated roadmap for the Ryzen 7000 series during a conference call. There are already some details for Ryzen 7000 in the desktop area. This is how the new Zen 4 architecture awaits us, which will take place on the new AM5 socket. AMD will do it LGA (Land Grid Array) format change, as has been the case with Intel for a long time.

Of course there is cool chipsets as well as support for DDR5 memory and PCI Express 5.0. According to the latest rumors, however, there will probably be no support for DDR4 RAM. However, we can expect up to 16 cores, a maximum TDP of 170 watts and 5nm output – at least according to current rumors.

New product line for gaming laptops

In the field of notebooks, AMD is currently moving with “Rembrandt” aka Ryzen 6000. There are the energy-efficient U models (15 to 28 watts TDP) alongside the powerful H variants (35 to 45 watts TDP). In the future, however, the chipmaker wants to divide this directly into two classes: for gaming laptops of the upper class (more than 20 mm thick) is accordingly “Dragon’s Range” expected with at least 55 watts TDP, light and thin laptops (less than 20mm) should also “Phoenix” and 35 to 45 watt TDP. Departure for both: 2023.

With few exceptions in the U-series, Rembrandt uses the Zen 3+ architecture with RDNA 2 graphics units. Similar to the desktop segment, the new AMD Zen 4 architecture is then used for the two new platforms. DDR5 (or LPDDR5) RAM and PCI Express 5.0 will also be available here. AMD also promises the best core, thread and cache scoresnever seen in a mobile gaming processor”. It should then come back to him “The fastest creative and productivity performance of any mobile PC” carry out.

Source: AMD/Twitter

What exactly AMD intends to do here is currently unclear. For comparison: an Intel Core i9-12900HK – Alder Lake’s current top model for laptops – offers 14 cores with 20 threads. In March, an Intel Core i9-12950HX appeared, which according to leaks could even have 16 cores with 24 threads.

Since Dragon Range and Raphael both have a yellow border on the roadmap, this could be a Variant with reduced TDP desktop processors for the best possible performance. Phoenix, on the other hand, could deliberately opt for a design optimized for mobile use. Incidentally, the first rumors about Phoenix processors date back to January 2021.


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