Product is running out – bottlenecks at Rewe, Edeka and Co threaten

The supply of canned tomatoes could become scarce in the coming months.Image: imago images / imago images

After cooking oil and flour, the next supermarket product may soon run out. As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung (LZ)” reports, the supply of canned tomatoes threatens to become scarce. Purchases of hamsters and lack of glass bottles and cans are to blame. And Italian farmers are increasingly using their acreage for other products as well.

Italian farmers are increasingly focusing on growing products other than tomatoes.

Italian farmers are increasingly focusing on growing products other than tomatoes.Image: / Joerg Boethling

Dealers expect delivery bottlenecks

“The tomato market has finally arrived in a sort of escalation,” writes wholesaler Otto Franck in his current industry report. Some suppliers had already announced “that it would be necessary to make cuts in deliveries for all customers”. This means: the fight for Italian tomatoes has already begun – even if it’s not even harvest time yet.

Franck is not alone in his appreciation. German canned food maker Hengstenberg also warns of supply bottlenecks for products sourced only from Italian crops. According to its own statements, it is the German market leader with 24.5%, among the brands are, for example, Oro di Parma and Oro d’Italia.

There is also a price increase here

Managing Director Andreas Reimer explained to “LZ” as follows: “The area in Italy is decreasing by around 10%, partly because farmers are switching to other crops.

The result:

“There will be significant cost increases for canned tomatoes, which we will have to pass on to retailers”

Andreas Reimer, managing director of Hengstenberg

The price of raw tomatoes from northern Italy is now around 18% higher than last year. Added to this are price increases and delivery bottlenecks for packaging such as cans or glass.

Due to high demand in 2021, stocks cannot be used now.

Mutti and Hengstenberg warn of delivery bottlenecks.

Mutti and Hengstenberg warn of delivery bottlenecks.Picture: picture alliance / Winfried Rothermel

Italian manufacturer Mutti also announced price increases for the “LZ”. However, he considers his tomato supply secure at the moment.

While some manufacturers source the raw material for tomato paste from China, industry experts say there are few Italian alternatives for canned peeled tomatoes.

This means that consumers of Aldi, Lidl and Co. could soon find themselves in front of the next empty supermarket shelves.


This message should put some people with a penchant for “hamsters” on alert: After the corona toilet paper emergency, this time it’s not just about flour or vegetable oil. Confectionery and wine may also soon become scarce due to the war in Ukraine.

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