Mary and Frederik from Denmark: Statement on scandal at their children’s boarding school

The private school attended by Christian, the son of Mary and Frederik, is caught up in a serious scandal. Now the royal couple have spoken in shock

Serious allegations are associated with the “Herlufsholm” boarding school in Denmark. And that certainly shook up Mary (50) and Frederik from Denmark (53). In a documentary, a Danish television channel is now revealing details that caused a scandal. In the establishment that Prince Christian (16) has been visiting since last year, serious bullying has reportedly happened on many occasions. This is reported by several students who have previously attended private school. Current cases this school year should also play a role. Mary and Frederik also commented on this.

Update, May 5, 6 p.m.:

Mary and Frederik from Denmark made a public statement after the documentary aired. He said the royal couple were “deeply shocked” by the statements and content of the documentary. They call the alleged incidents “heartbreaking” and say they will pursue “necessary changes”.

It is said that it really happened at the boarding school of Prince Christian of Denmark

According to witnesses, the targeted harassment of classmates seems to be part of “Herlufsholm’s” agenda. We are talking about violence and even abuse. In the film about the private school, a total of fifty students express themselves by describing their personal experiences. Particularly bad: Just last week, a rape case was heard in court and a student was convicted. Boarding school management currently denies the allegations and denies there is a problem.

What happens to Princess Isabelle of Denmark now?

After Prince Christian, Mary and Frederik’s eldest daughter, Princess Isabelle, was to go to school in “Herlufsholm” from August. Queen Margrethe’s granddaughter (82) has just celebrated her 15th birthday. After the latest revelations, however, many are now wondering what consequences the Danish royal family will draw from the scandal and whether Isabella will really attend a private school at the end of the summer. After “Herlufsholm hemmeligheder” (English: “Herlufsholm’s Secrets”) aired, Mary and Frederik took a stand as parents and said they were “deeply shocked”. They also announce that they will continue with the “necessary changes”.

Isabella of Denmark has grown into a beautiful young woman.
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