Justin Bieber will no longer be allowed to buy Ferraris

Justin Bieber is no longer allowed to buy new Ferraris – because he pimped his old one

Justin Bieber is no longer welcome at Ferrari

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Justin Bieber will probably no longer be allowed to buy a Ferrari – he harshly insulted the Italian cult brand with several actions.

Justin Bieber could have problems in the future if he wants to buy a new Ferrari. As reported by several international media, including the “Times”, the 28-year-old singer is now blacklisted because of his dealings with the company’s Italian luxury cars.

Bieber’s crime: He allegedly gave his white Ferrari 458 Italia F1 a new neon blue paint job. Then he reportedly left the car in a Los Angeles parking lot for two weeks in 2016 because he couldn’t find it after a night of partying. He also reportedly attached “ugly, flared fenders” and rims from other manufacturers. Eventually the car was sold and the money was donated.

Justin Bieber commits ‘deadly sins’ for Ferrari

All things considered “deadly sins” for the Italian manufacturer. Bieber probably didn’t realize that Ferrari treats its cars as art and strict rules apply to its customers. Unauthorized modifications are generally frowned upon. It is also forbidden to resell a new car in the first year. In addition, the company must be informed so that it has the possibility of buying the car itself.

After all, Bieber is in good company on the blacklist: rapper 50 Cent, actors Nicholas Cage and Kim Kardashian are also said to frolic there.


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