“I miss you so much”: Carmen Geiss mourns her mother

“I miss you so much”
Carmen Geiss mourns her mother

It’s been almost three months since Carmen Geiss had to mourn the death of her mother. But it’s only now that the reality TV actress is going public with the loss. She takes two birthdays to mark the occasion – her mother’s and hers.

Carmen Geiss went public that she lost her mother some time ago. “My beloved mother, I have thought long and hard about posting your birthday today May 4th as you passed away on February 13th this year,” the reality actress wrote in a post. article published Wednesday. She also shows an old photo of her “Mamilischka”.

“I know you didn’t like the public, but I want the public to know now the pain I feel that you left me. I miss the call today to wish you a happy birthday and I will receive tomorrow the call that you wish me a happy birthday misses, ”adds Carmen Geiss.She will be 57 years old this Thursday.

“Mom, I miss you so much, throw a big birthday party with dad and celebrate my birthday,” writes Carmen Geiss. His father died of cancer a long time ago.

“Thank you for so many things”

Carmen Geiss and her mother would have been very close. “I am grateful to my mother Anna for so many things,” the 57-year-old said in an interview with the “Neue Post” a year ago, adding, “Because I learned a lot from her – but above all respect and down to earth. My mother also taught me honesty.

Carmen Geiss described the restrictions during the corona pandemic as stressful. Since her mother was last living in an assisted living facility, they would not have been able to see each other for a while. “But we talk on the phone and laugh a lot together,” Carmen Geiss said a year ago.

Some stars have already spoken out in the comments of their current post. “My sincere condolences, dear Carmen. Now your parents can once again celebrate together and watch over you and your family,” moderator Nina Moghaddam wrote. Frauke Ludowig leaves several heart emojis. Fashion entrepreneur Papis Loveday comments, “I’m giving you a big hug, my love.”

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