“I let myself be beaten”: candidate of “Let’s Dance” with show confession

Bastian Bielendorfer and Mathias Mester hit the nail on the head on “Let’s Dance”.RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Bastian Bielendorfer had to say goodbye to “Let’s Dance” last Friday: in the ninth episode, he and his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova were expelled and missed the quarter-finals.

But with his latest appearance, the comedian has secured a place in the “Let’s Dance” history books. In the dance duel, Bastian and former Paralympic star Mathias Mester faced off in a street dance and surprised the spectators: On “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran feat. Nyla and Kranium suddenly pole danced and stripped down to their underwear. Bastian looked back amused at his appearance afterwards and joked in his “Bratwurst und Baklava” podcast: “The barely pinched golden underpants.”

Bastian was almost naked on “Let’s Dance” – that’s behind it all

In this context, Basti also revealed to his colleague Özcan Coşar: It was not initially planned for him to appear shirtless on the show. The comedian explains:

“Initially, we were supposed to wear tops with a muscle print. But I didn’t because Matze didn’t want that. Nothing suited him at all.”

He then thought it would be ridiculous if he wore a T-shirt like that, but Mathias didn’t. However, he added:

“I got carried away and did it, but I wasn’t comfortable with it.”

Bastian Bielendorfer and Mathias Mester last Friday Bastian Bielendorfer and Mathias Mester on “Let’s Dance” last Friday.

However, this isn’t the first time the author has appeared in undress on television. In 2021, the 37-year-old appeared on the Vox show “Showtime of my Life – Stars Against Cancer” and stripped down to draw attention to the urgency of cancer prevention. Nevertheless, the strip on “Let’s Dance” was more difficult for him. “I was okay with ‘Showtime’ because I thought it was for a good cause, but ‘Let’s Dance’ is just an entertainment show.”he explained the difference.

The “Sex Rocket” team is on call

After leaving “Let’s Dance”, Bastian is above all one thing: relieved. “I’m happy to be home. ‘Let’s Dance’ gives you a lot, but it eats your life”, he admitted to Özcan. And he continued: “It was the right time to quit. Of course I fully deserved it because I was much worse than everyone else. It was clear to me that I couldn’t do it. The time had come and more would be there was also not part of the show.”

But ‘Let’s Dance’ isn’t quite over for the Gelsenkirchen native – and for a very specific reason. “The problem is that we continue to train in case someone might be absent. If someone gets sick, Ekat and I have to step in as a backup couple again.”, explained Bastian. But even if Team “Sex-Wärme” does not have to serve as a substitute, all spectators will be able to see Basti and Ekat on the dance floor. Traditionally, all pairs appear again in the final.


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