Frank Elstner: TV legend criticizes Boris Becker at ARD conference

Cult moderator Frank Elstner spoke in the ARD conference “Maischberger” about the crash of former German sports idol Boris Becker. He found clear words.

Boris Becker (54) has been imprisoned in Wandsworth prison in London since last Friday: two and a half years in prison for several bankruptcy offences. The Becker case, once an idol of German sports, is and will remain a hot topic, including on Tuesday evening on the ARD program “Maischberger”.

Frank Elstner (80), inventor of the legendary TV show “Wetten dass…?”, also knows Becker well. They “met a few times” and shared “good friends,” Elstner, who has Parkinson’s disease, said in “Maischberger’s” group.

In the video above you can see Frank Elstner with his wife Britta.

Frank Elstner: “Becker does not have the necessary respect for the heritage of others”

He thought long and hard: “What could have pushed him to work so illegally? In the past, as a tennis star and six-time Grand Slam winner, “Becker fought until he fell to become what he is,” Elstner recalls.

Then he chided the 54-year-old a bit sharply: “He probably doesn’t have the necessary respect for other people’s property.” At the same time, Elstner sent his best wishes that Becker “slept well in prison and got out sooner than he thought”.

Boris Becker’s image has suffered enormously – also with his friends on television. The fights on the tennis court were difficult, the fight inside and outside the prison becomes even more difficult.


Waldemar Hartmann: ‘Becker wasn’t very receptive to advice’

With Waldemar Hartmann (74), there was someone who knew Becker as a longtime sports presenter, not just tennis. The 74-year-old sketched and dissected Becker’s psychogram: why does he think the way he thinks?

“Becker wasn’t very receptive to advice,” Hartmann criticized when asked about Becker’s financial disaster. The Leimen man has always “lived in the best of conditions”, and he reportedly owed 40 million euros to the only Swiss businessman Hans-Dieter Cleven. Hartmann’s verdict: “The laws apply to everyone, including Becker.”


Football manager Uli Hoeneß, convicted of tax evasion in 2014, is once again an integrated and accepted member of society. What will happen to Becker? “I don’t know if he’s going to get back on his feet,” Hartmann said. After all: Becker still has plenty of fans who are likely to remain loyal to him.

Fellow prisoners advise him to dye his hair urgently

In the video: Fellow prisoners advise Boris Becker to dye his hair urgently.
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