FC Bayern Munich: It’s finally here! This is what the new Bayern shirt looks like! – Bundesliga

Holidays for Bayern fans!

The German champions have published the new home shirt for the upcoming season on their website. It can now be ordered from the club’s webshop in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Main difference with the old jersey: The white color is back! While only the three Adidas stripes on the shoulders were white on the old jersey, the designers of the new jersey have white horizontal stripes of varying widths running the full height of the jersey on the front. With the old one, the accents were set with light red lines in the form of arrows on a dark red background. The back is entirely red except for a “Mia san mia” lettering on the neck.

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Robert Lewandowski in the old Bayern shirtFoto: Getty Images

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Robert Lewandowski in the old Bayern shirtPhoto: Getty Images

Also note: The red of the new jersey is lighter, brighter, stronger than the dark red of the old one. In addition, the white round neck (previously V-neck in jersey color) is a real eye-catcher.

Note: Bayern are launching two versions of the home kit. The more expensive “Authentic” jersey (in German: authentic) will be worn by the pros during games. It costs 139.95 euros. For fans who find it too expensive, there will be another one normal execution offered for 89.95 euros. From a purely visual point of view, the only difference is that the “Authentic” has a rounded, white hem.

This is what the cheaper home kit looks likeFoto: FC Bayern München

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This is what the cheaper home kit looks likePhoto: FC Bayern München

If you look closely, you will also see that the logo of the main sponsor Telekom is different from that of the current season. The telecommunications company recently announced that the logo will be renewed: “As part of its umbrella branding strategy, Telekom will use the new group logo in the future in all national companies that appear under the T brand. Under the 1-T-1 (Digit-T-Digit) shape, the logo is the basis of a clear brand architecture.The T becomes more compact.

Of course, jerseys are also available with the name and number of a player (supplement of 10 euros) and with individual flocking (supplement of 15 euros). Additionally, fans can choose from five different patches (“Champion”, “CL Set”, “Series Champion”, “Champion + Series Champion”, and “CL Set + Series Champion”) at no additional cost.

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