Dieter Bohlen counters cheeky fan comments

Former “DSDS” juror Bohlen spent several hours in the hospital this week.Image: dieterbohlen/instagram

After leaving “DSDS” and “Das Supertalent” last year, Dieter Bohlen has finally returned to the limelight: on May 5, together with his friend Pietro Lombardi and rapper Katja Krasavice, he will bring a new edition of the hit modern speaking “You are my heart, you are my soul” at the beginning. He recently appeared in an Instagram reel alongside the 25-year-old and couldn’t help but remark suggestively: “Sex, today only sex and doggy style, that’s clear. “

However, all is not well for the titan of pop right now. The hit producer opened up to his social media community about a tennis accident followed by blitz surgery. The good news: a few hours later, Bohlen was back on his feet, to the surprise of fans.

Dieter Bohlen: accident on the tennis court

“It only happens to me. First my right leg is broken. Now my left leg is broken. It happened in tennis. Torsion. Broken meniscus”, reveals the singer. He alludes to an incident in 2021 when he crushed his foot. “Suddenly my toes were back,” he said. At that time, he had to live with a plastered foot for several weeks.

He doesn’t let the current incident spoil his mood. “Now – five hours later – I’m really fit again,” he says happily on Instagram. He also shares a photo which was obviously taken at Bohlen’s house, the modern conversation legend is already wearing activewear again.

In the comments, many fans are sending well wishes, but some of them are teasing a bit. Among other things, we can read the comment “You are no longer the youngest”. Another netizen suggests the star should quit the sport instead in the future. However, Bohlen contradicts even this personally and replies: “Never, I will continue to play in the coffin.”

Moreover, he himself captioned his post “Sport is murder”. Although Bohlen states that he is fit again, his left leg is bandaged. A sports break will therefore undoubtedly be inevitable for him. In his free time, he not only plays tennis, but runs and swims regularly.


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