Czech security adviser: ‘Putin respects force’


Status: 05/05/2022 04:29

Czech Prime Minister’s security adviser Fiala im warns that the West should show no weakness in the face of Russian President Putin ARD-Conversation. Today Fiala is visiting Chancellor Scholz.

By Kai Küstner, ARD Capital Studio

There is a certain pride when Tomas Pojar says: “His country, the Czech Republic, was one of the first and fastest to deliver weapons to Ukraine”, says the Czech Prime Minister’s security adviser Petr Fiala. Because from the first day of the war it was clear: “This is also our war. If Ukraine is defeated, then this war will move closer to the Slovak borders and beyond.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin essentially wants to restore the Soviet Union, says Pojar. This means that the Russian president only recognizes the regions of the former GDR as part of “the West”, and that he considers the rest as “his”.

“You have to be tough”

This record of Putin and his thirst for imperial power arguably contributed decisively to the fact that Eastern Europeans – Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic too – did not hesitate long when it came to delivering heavy equipment to Ukraine. Czech Prime Minister’s personal adviser warns of weakness towards Putin in interview with ARD-Capital Studio, would be a big mistake.

“He understands strength. He understands toughness. And he respects strength and toughness. So we have to be tough.” Pojar points out that this does not mean that red lines can be crossed. A no-fly zone, for example, as originally demanded, he also thinks, is a mistake. Helping Ukraine with weapons, on the other hand, is urgent: “If Ukraine is weak and we show weakness, then Putin will not miss this chance.

Scholz speaks from a definite line

These are words that one would probably not hear so clearly from the mouth of the German chancellor. According to critics, Scholz had postponed for a very long time the decision whether Germany should also deliver heavy equipment to Ukraine.

“We are in complete agreement within the coalition on what we need to do here,” the Chancellor defended himself yesterday against allegations that he acted and communicated in a largely inscrutable manner. A “very precise line” is followed here,” Scholz said.

The SPD politician proved last weekend that he was capable of passionately defending the delivery of heavy weapons: during a performance in Düsseldorf he felt compelled to speak loudly against a crowd who “created peace without arms”. a Ukrainian citizen to be told to defend himself unarmed against Putin’s aggression. It’s old fashioned !

330,000 war refugees admitted

But weapons are not the only talking point in favor of Ukraine: the Czech Republic is quite skeptical about a quick energy embargo against Russia, for example. The Prime Minister’s security adviser also recalls that his country has taken in 330,000 war refugees.

Compared to the size of the population, it would be as if 2.5 million people had arrived in Germany: “We are ready for this. But it is also true that we have not received a single euro from the EU or Member States for this”, stresses Security Adviser Pojar.

“Need a German leadership role”

And speaking of money: like all NATO countries, the foreign policy expert welcomes the fact that Germany intends to significantly increase its defense spending. In general, Pojar hopes that Germany will take on more responsibility in Europe in the long term.

“We need German leadership in the economic field, but also in defense and security issues,” he said. The Czech wants Germany to be part of the European family which feels very well how decisive the outcome of the war in Ukraine is.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Putin respects strength’ – National Security Advisor of the Czech Republic

Kai Küstner, ARD Berlin, 5.5.2022 06:42

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