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The controversial climate and environmental protection foundation MV can be dissolved. This is the result of a legal opinion commissioned by the State. If Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) gets her way, that should also happen now.

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Schwesig asked the head of the controversial foundation for climate and environmental protection MV to discuss a resolution. The reason for this is a legal opinion from the state, which considers that it is possible to liquidate the foundation. Schwesig relies on the insight of the foundation’s board, whose boss – former Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD) – has so far resisted a dissolution. If this remains so, Schwesig announces state measures. Afterwards, the foundation will be dissolved via the foundation supervisory authority.

The opposition demands the dissolution of the foundation

This is exactly what the opposition groups CDU and Greens are demanding. They also rely on legal advice from the state. Asked by NDR MV Live, the leader of the FDP parliamentary group in the state parliament, Rene Domke, said: “If the state government now finds legal options in this report, please implement them.” He sees no obligation for the state parliament at this stage. “I don’t think ultimately the solution should be for us to define legal tender.” The dispute with Sellering shall be settled by the state government.

According to Schwesig, it is clear to the state government “that one has to go one of two ways”. The purpose of the foundation can no longer succeed, the foundation can no longer find partners because of its funding from Russian sources. According to the statutes, the climate foundation relied on exactly that – on a broad alliance among the population for more climate protection. Moreover, the foundation is a danger to the common good because one might get the impression that an attack contrary to international law is approved here because it is financed with money from Russia.

Schwesig: “The best thing would be to dissolve the foundation itself”

The head of government said on Wednesday that “the best thing would be for the foundation to dissolve it itself”. If the foundation “decided not to dissolve,” however, the path to abolition would “be sought through foundation oversight,” according to Schwesig. The money must “benefit for humanitarian purposes”. In the draft double budget 2022/2023, an additional 20 million euros are planned for nature and climate protection, according to Schwesig. The foundation wants to discuss the report next week.

The report was presented on Wednesday

In her legal opinion commissioned by the state government, the foundation expert from Hamburg, Professor Birgit Weitemeyer, came to the conclusion that the foundation board is obliged to dissolve the foundation. Otherwise, it can be dissolved by the foundation’s regulator, the country’s Ministry of Justice.

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Manuela Schwesig (SPD), Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, speaks at a meeting of German and Russian parliamentarians in Moscow.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Friedemann Kohler/dpa

There have been conflicts between Russia and Ukraine for a long time – the state government of MV has been following a pro-Russian path for just as long. A timeline. After

The report was presented to parliamentary caucus in the state parliament on Wednesday afternoon. The report comes to the conclusion that the foundation is too closely linked to Nord Stream 2 AG, which is prohibited by international law, and that it is in the public interest due to funding from Russian sources, also because he damages the reputation of the country. For this reason, the country could also dissolve the foundation.

Commission of Inquiry to clarify possible Russian influence

The foundation’s capital, most of which came from Russian sources, had become a growing problem for the country’s reputation. More recently, the Minister of National Education, Simone Oldenburg (Die Linke), decreed that the foundation would not cooperate with state schools. A commission of inquiry must now clarify the possible Russian influence and the dubious context of the creation of the foundation. Schwesig told Schwerin on Wednesday that “the foundation must now explain exactly how business operations supported the completion of the Baltic Sea Pipeline.”

Sellering Defends Against Dissolution

At the request of NDR MV Live, the chairman of the foundation, former Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD), announced that he wanted to examine the report. According to Sellering, the foundation board would like to discuss this on May 10. More recently, Sellering had resisted a dissolution and referred to a legal opinion he had commissioned, which ruled out a legally flawless dissolution of the foundation. He had canceled his participation in Wednesday’s meeting because the report was not previously available in writing. If the foundation’s board does not act on the foundation’s request for dissolution and an external dissolution becomes necessary, a year-long litigation could be pending in court.

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Details, including the role of the Russian gas company Nord Stream 2 in the creation of the controversial MV climate foundation, cannot be found in the file. After

Two demonstrators hold a banner with the inscription in front of Schwerin Castle

Environmental and climate protectionists had called for protests across the country. After

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