26 abused children – the abuser is locked up forever – BZ Berlin

A young man has been working as a babysitter for families in Berlin for years. Abused 26 boys including a baby (7 months). A district office even places it in care facilities!

By Anne Losensky

He is now in prison for twelve years, then in preventive detention because of the risk of recidivism.

THE BABYSITTER. Sönke G. (28) from Neukölln. Independent of the Berlin cultural scene. Considers himself heterosexual. Hide pedophile tendencies. No relevant criminal record. But he steals diapers and pulls out a gun when caught doing so (BZ reported).

►DHE ABUSES. full confession full guilt. Overwhelming evidence: 95 crimes meticulously filmed by himself. More than half of them have seriously abused children. Seven children suffer indescribable torments. He leaves a child to a man to mistreat (Cologne trial).

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He often does this right away in the first hours of care. Select children who will not be able to report later because they are disabled. Turn public restrooms into crime scenes (like trips to the zoo). It lasts five years until March 2020. Parents never suspect a thing. Then friends of his find abusive movies on his computer.

THE JUGEMENT. He has been behind bars since August 4, 2021. Parents shocked. ad-free process. Every case is doomed. If you could add it all up, you’d be in prison for over 150 years. But in German criminal law, individual sentences are “closely linked”. Judge Marc Spitzkatz: “You are still young, you must and you can be helped.” He wishes his parents “one day peace with things”.

Anonymous and free advice offers

you suspectthat a child is mistreated or abused in your environment? Have you seen anything that worries you? Then you can (anonymously) contact the “Sexual Abuse Help Line”: 0800 22 55 530.

children and young peoplevictims of abuse can benefit from support from Monday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on 116 111. On the website, it is also possible to chat with counsellors.

Anyone who feels they have pedophile tendencies can find contacts in the Berlin Charité’s ‘Don’t become an abuser’ project. There is free information on the website and on 030 450 529 450. Medical secrecy applies.

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