“The perfect dinner”: guests laugh at Antje – and go home hungry

Surgical nurse Alexandra (37) sees her culinary colleague Antje (54) as a “book with seven seals”. The party “The Perfect Dinner”, during which the tax agent, who seems rather clumsy, invites him to Dinslaken, is supposed to be a game-changer. She lives there with her wife Christina, who eagerly helps with the preparations. This is Antje’s third marriage: it was only after two unsatisfying relationships that she found happiness with her partner of Polish origin.

“Some have animals, we have vegetables,” Antje says proudly, pointing to her little vegetable patch and descending the stairs to the Mushroom Kingdom. Spore-bearing creatures ranging from mushrooms to shiitakes thrive there under plastic sheeting – “very corny”, says Agnès (41), who, as a graphic designer, also expresses justified aesthetic concerns. “Well, who likes that?” Christian (53) tries to get something out of it: “But I prefer to buy my mushrooms at the market.”

At Antje however, true to its menu motto, everything is “homemade” and, like the chef, not necessarily poetic:

Aperitif: creamy soup with bread

Main course: potatoes, mushrooms and beet feta

Dessert: Variant of porridge and apple

As a kitchen designer, Antje leaves nothing to chance

In the end, it’s all a matter of taste. And Antje has big plans: due to her intolerances, especially to gluten and lactose, she likes to experiment with molecular forms. At dinner, this tendency is represented by pomegranate juice in the form of gelatinous drops. Antje uses a meat thermometer to bring his potato dumplings filled with mushroom culture results to exactly 47 degrees. As a kitchen designer, she leaves nothing to chance.

However, it pops on its own: Your gluten-free carrot-based rolling dough won’t really rise, causing microscopic balls of dough (Alex: “I don’t see that as food”). In addition, a single mushroom should be distributed among all those present. This creates amused to stunned faces: “I’m hungry”, complains Christian, and Agnès qualifies the quantity of mushrooms as “homeopathic”. The group also didn’t like the taste of the soup, and certainly not the “sloppy” dessert (Denise) described more prosaically. “The push is just porridge”, loose Denise (30 years old), “and not sexy at all” (Alex).

Christian wants to “eat a little something first” after dinner

No, Antje is more sober. She previously revealed that she doesn’t drink alcohol and has never tried dishes like prawns, risotto, port sauce and chocolate cake with a runny core. This ignorance of sensual whims earned her the nickname “virgin” from the round of the pots.

The menu turns out to be all the more clumsy, despite great ambition and meticulously labeled pots of preparation: first it misplaces the vegetable broth (Agnès: “Perhaps in the bedside table?”) and almost breaks the plates – not to mention the small portions. And so she finds herself with an equally manageable 24 points behind her predecessors Denise and Alex. And leaves behind a Christian determined to do everything: “Now I’m going to open a wine and eat a little something.

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