The lady-in-waiting gives a special gift – but it gets uncomfortable

Nina is one of the two women invited to her farm by Hans, the “Bauer sucht Frau” RTL

Farmer cowboy Hans is one of the contestants looking for true love in the current season of “Bauer sucht Frau International”. As ladies-in-waiting, Nina and Danielle traveled to Ottawa to get to know the farmer better. The two women had a big surprise at the airport: since Hans applied for the show, he lost a lot of weight and lost a few pounds, which was great. For example, Danielle immediately gushed, “I like it. It looks great.”

In episode four, Hans didn’t choose either of the ladies, but both of them work hard and give the farmer a present. Nina surprises him with a painted portrait, which however is based on an old photo of Hans, in which he weighed much more. However, he reacts calmly.

Candidate “Bauer sucht Frau” gives Hans a personal gift

After breakfast there is a small gift to Canada. “I have something very personal here, which is probably no longer true”, Nina warns the farmer before she shows her gift. “It’s a photo that should be you,” she adds, finally holding it. Hans can’t help smiling broadly and at first he just says, “Oh!”

Nina painted Bauer Hans.

Nina painted Bauer Hans.Image: rtl + screenshot

Before he arrived, Nina knew nothing about Hans’ physical transformation, which is why she can’t really blame herself. Nevertheless, the moment is a little uncomfortable, but she doesn’t let her mood spoil her and jokes: “Either you gain weight or I have to paint a new picture.” Moreover, she even made a self-portrait.

“If you don’t like it, you can hang it in the stable, but then I’ll be sad,” adds the blonde, standing up and letting Hans hug her. He jumps right into the gag and says, “Or to the goats.”

The candidate then explained her idea for an extraordinary gift to RTL: “In a way, I had the idea of ​​simply doing a portrait of him – as proof that I watched him for a long time. I think that proves that you are a person”. Interested.” Although the image of Hans is no longer really realistic, the farmer himself praises his lady-in-waiting. “Nina is an excellent designer. Of course, I also really liked her photo and I will find a nice place with me,” he promises in conclusion. – seriously this time.

“Farmer seeks wife”: Fears of contact in the yard

One can still wonder if Nina gained a decisive advantage over her opponent after the last number of “Bauer sucht Frau”. The trio take a trip to the paddock in another scene, and that’s where Danielle can catch up. Your advantage: She already has a lot of experience with these animals and rides them herself.

Danielle or Nina – how will Hans decide?

Danielle or Nina – how will Hans decide?photo: RTL

Nina, on the other hand, acts very hesitant, almost fearful, and even ends up running away because she fears a horse will kick her. “I’m a little afraid of horses,” she admits openly. It is therefore doubtful that she is at all suitable for everyday life on the farm – no matter how good the chemistry with Hans is in terms of humor.


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