The candidate “Farmer seeks wife” has a bad surprise in the morning

Apparently, Alexander is having a hard time with Rolinka.Picture: RTL

Four farmers and a winemaker are currently looking for happiness in love with “Bauer sucht Frau International”. Rolinka, who is actually from the Netherlands, runs a wine and olive business in the south of France. Along with Alexandre and Frank, she has invited two men she would like to get to know better. However, as the third episode shows, at least Alexander got off to a rocky start: when he got up on the first morning of the Hofwoche, not a soul was seen.

So he does his morning exercise routine alone at first, but even then his opponent and Rolinka are not in sight. The 51-year-old has to wait a bit. Finally, it turns out that the farmer’s wife had been walking her dogs – and had simply taken Frank with her, while Alexander stayed on the property.

“A farmer is looking for a wife”: a farmer leaves a candidate on the farm

Naturally, Alexander is not at all happy with the situation. “What I found very sad was that I sat here alone for a very, very long time this morning,” he said, adding:

“The only thing I wished was for me to get up and Rolinka to be there. It would have been a very nice gesture.”

Rolinka went for a walk with her dogs in the morning.

Rolinka went for a walk with her dogs in the morning.Picture: RTL

When Rolinka and Frank finally arrive, the candidate does not show his disappointment. “Was it good?” he even asks Frank. He, in turn, confesses after the trip in front of the RTL cameras: “This morning, I did not think of Alexandre at all. But it is not ill-intentioned. I was just allowed to enjoy the time I was on the road with Rolinka. In this regard, Alexander was completely ignored as a rival.

It becomes even more irritating for Alexander when his opponent reveals: “Yesterday we stood together and made an appointment for 9 a.m. And at 9 a.m. we leave on time.” Apparently, the auditor knew nothing about this plan. On the contrary, his version is: “Actually, I thought someone would be there when I got up because we had arranged to have breakfast together.”

Finally, Alexander describes his inner reaction as follows: “Of course, it’s kind of a weird feeling. I don’t know if I feel left out, I have to wait and see.” Even before that, however, it was indicated that Rolinka was more on the same page as Frank. In the previous episode, for example, she judged a situation in which Alexandre really wanted to spread good humor: “It’s probably his humor, but I don’t know if I really find it funny.”

Incidentally, after the walk with Frank, she struggles to assess Alexander. “It’s hard to say how Alexander feels. Maybe he was glad he could sleep a little longer instead of having to walk the dogs,” she speculates – and is probably wrong.

When it comes to sports, Alexander can’t score points either

Near Rolinka’s adopted home is the peak of Pic du Canigou, which she says she has climbed several times – 35,000 steps per route. In “Bauer sucht Frau”, the winemaker asks her two guests if they can imagine taking such a trip with her, to which Frank is immediately enthusiastic, while Alexandre hesitates. The latter wonders rather what Rolinka really means by “sporty”.

Frank has managed to score better with Rolinka so far.

Frank has managed to score better with Rolinka so far.Picture: RTL

The farmer, on the other hand, has probably already formed a first judgment in this regard, which is not particularly positive: “Although Alexander says he’s very athletic, it doesn’t really sound like he’s very athletic to me, but I could be wrong.”, she tells RTL. For the candidate, this is of course the next setback. Basically, Rolinka seems to have already made her choice…


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