Streamer says he quit Twitch because they misspelled his name: ‘I thought they were laughing at me’

Acclaimed streamer Sykkuno moved from Twitch to YouTube on May 3. Not an easy decision, as Sykkuno later revealed. However, Twitch hurt his ego so much that he ultimately chose YouTube.

Here is the situation:

  • In recent weeks, negotiations have taken place between the YouTube platform and Twitch regarding the streamer Sykkuno. He was one of the top streamers on Twitch, with both also courting the 31-year-old.
  • According to another streamer, KristoferYee, YouTube’s offer was so “crazy” that it didn’t surprise him that Sykkuno left Twitch.
  • However, the offer didn’t appeal to the streamer, but a single misspelling from Twitch ultimately caused the change.
  • Twitch misspelled his name in an official email and called him “Sukkuno” instead of Sykkunno – the American didn’t think that was possible at all.

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Sykkuno talked about offers from Twitch and YouTube

What did the streamer say? Sykkuno described himself as “a little exceptional, perhaps?” when discussing its facts and figures:

  • He is the 28th highest earning Twitch streamer for about 2 years.
  • It is one of the 45 most followed channels on the platform.
  • Plus, he doesn’t swear in his streams and doesn’t really participate in or react to the community drama. Sykkuno is as family friendly as it gets.
  • Even a friend of his found it strange that Twitch no longer uses him for advertising, he’s perfect for that.

You can watch the stream with his statements here:

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He also entered into the platforms’ various offers and contracts: First, Sykkuno went to Twitch because his reputation and numbers qualified him to negotiate a better contract.

Their initial offer was “very bad,” the streamer said, before asking if there was a better offer. In fact, they increased their offer, so it was arguably a “very, very good suggestion” and even “pretty equal to YouTube”.

Sykkuno said he’s made up his mind: he’ll stay on Twitch. He was shocked that Twitch made him such a good offer and suspected they were afraid of losing yet another major streamer. More recently, top streamer Ludwig took to YouTube:

Twitch loses its “golden boy” to YouTube for lack of love (and money)

Sykkuno saw the email: “I thought they were laughing at me”

The streamer then showed the email from Twitch: “Do you see that?” Sykkuno asked his viewers, clearly disappointed. “This is an official email I received from Twitch and when I received it I had to contact so many people asking if it was a phishing scam.”

I’m supposed to be the 28th highest earning creator on the platform. 45th most followed of all time on the platform and they called me “Su[c]kkuno” in an official email.


Sykkuno wondered if he had too big an ego, but he was shocked. He really thought he was being scammed and was afraid to click on the email because he might catch a virus.

“They couldn’t even spell my name correctly,” the streamer said, not really feeling valued by it. He was willing to work more hours for less money because he loved Twitch, but the misspelling was ingrained.

He then summarized:

“The main reason I went to YouTube is – yeah they had the best deal, no doubt about that, and they spelled my name correctly, that was a huge plus, I liked that, it ‘was good.”

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