Relic Hunters Rebels: New loot shooter available exclusively on Netflix

Netflix Games is expanded and features an additional game. Subscribers can now install and play Relic Hunters: Rebels (App Store link). The download is 330.8MB in size and compatible with iOS 15 and above.

You can play as four of the popular hunters (Jimmy, Ace, Pinkyy, and Raff) and build and collect 44 different weapons, each with unique properties, abilities, and effects. You’ll need these special weapons to battle space ducks and turtles as you attempt to defeat the evil Entan Empire.

Mark Venturelli, CEO of Rogue Snail, answered some exciting questions during an interview.

Why did you want to bring Relic Hunters: Rebels to Netflix?

Besides being huge Netflix fans, we were excited to be one of the first game developers for Netflix Games and to be part of this new experience from the start. The possibility of developing games without having to worry about the monetization aspect was also very interesting. This allows us to fully focus on creating a fun game without worrying about how to pay our bills. This guarantees complete fun and fairness. Netflix also supported our vision and gave us the creative freedom to make Relic Hunters: Rebels exactly the way we wanted.

As the first mobile game in the Relic Hunters series, was there anything special to consider when developing the game?

We tried to make a game that would run smoothly on older phones so we could reach a wider audience where people don’t necessarily get a new device every year. We saw it as a great way to introduce more people to the Relic Hunters universe. Our fans have been asking us for a smartphone version of Relic Hunters for a long time, so this really was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

In Rebels, there is a non-binary character (Baru). How does inclusion and diversity impact Rogue Snail as a studio and the games the company develops?

We have a very diverse team at Rogue, bringing African, European and Asian cultural influences. This diversity allows us to create better games by embracing new voices and ideas, and by providing our talents with a fun workplace where everyone is welcome. Baru’s inclusion came naturally as the character was written by a non-binary person, drawn by a trans woman, and voiced by a non-binary talent (Jan Aponte).

We want our players to feel accepted for who they are. We also believe that the gaming community is growing and learning that absorbing and accepting more people does not lead to limitations for people like me, i.e. the nerdy white dude. As long as we all respect each other, we can have a lot more fun together.

Relic Hunters is one of Brazil’s first mobile games on Netflix. What makes Brazilian and South American players so special and how is that reflected in your games?

As children, our Brazilian team members were exposed to many different styles from different parts of the world, including anime, American cartoons, superheroes, super sentai, and tokusatsu. These influences and the contributions of our diverse team help us create games that appeal to multicultural audiences around the world.

Are there any Easter eggs fans should look out for? If so, why was it important to include them?

Yes, especially those who are already familiar with the Relic Hunters series have something to look forward to. We like to focus on developing our hunters, which is why Relic Hunters: Rebels has Easter Eggs tied to Relic Hunters Zero and the upcoming Relic Hunters Legend. I can’t say more, after all, we don’t want spoilers!

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