Mega upheaval at FC Ingolstadt: Stefan Kutschke must also leave!

The Schanzers face a huge summer upheaval! FC Ingolstadt 04 said goodbye to 14 players, including ex-Dynamo Stefan Kutschke.

Ingolstadt- The captain must look for a new club! FC Ingolstadt 04 has after the fixed relegation of the 2nd Bundesliga Stefan Kutschke (33) says goodbye – and 13 (!) other players.

The contract of FCI captain Stefan Kutschke (33, f.) will not be extended. He must look for a new club this summer. © dpa/Stefan Uchner

The Schanzer announced this on Tuesday. The expiring contracts of Kutschke, Marcel Gaus (32), Fabijan Buntic (25), Jonatan Kotzke (32), Maximilian Beister (31), Marc Stendera (26) and Robert Jendrusch (25) will not will not be extended.

In addition, three other departures have been confirmed for Thomas Keller (22, to 1. FC Heidenheim), Filip Bilbija (22) and Dennis Eckert Ayensa (25). They join other clubs.

Christian Gebauer (28, Arminia Bielefeld), Andreas Poulsen (22, Borussia Mönchengladbach), Florian Pick (26, 1. FC Heidenheim) and Dejan Stojanovic (28, FC Middlesbrough), back at their home clubs , are also lent .

Fewer goals, fewer wins: FC Ingolstadt's relegation sealed
2nd Bundesliga
Fewer goals, fewer wins: FC Ingolstadt’s relegation sealed

Hard stuff for the fans. Because their team will have a whole new face after a disappointing season. Chairman of the board Peter Jackwerth (64) explained on the FCI website: “Cornerstones of our team, on the pitch, but also in the dressing room and in the surrounding area, will leave FC Ingolstadt 04 at the end of the season. Many of them have the last years of the club – and we would like to thank them very much for their commitment, their loyalty and their identification with the black and red jersey. They will all have a permanent place in the Schanzer family. beyond the end of the season.”

Dietmar Beiersdorfer (58) added: “An eventful and very emotional season is coming to an end. A new start, which is necessary after this season, means innovating and saying goodbye – even to well-deserved long-time players.”

Marcel Gaus (32, left) and Jonatan Kotzke (32) are also due to leave FC Ingolstadt 04.

Marcel Gaus (32, left) and Jonatan Kotzke (32) are also due to leave FC Ingolstadt 04. © picture point/Sven Sunday

The Managing Director Sport and Communication added: “In the context of the last home game against Rostock, we will – together with our fans – say a dignified farewell to the boys who will no longer play for FC Ingolstadt 04 next season.”

An understandable step, but one that underlines the rapid pace of the business. Because with many players the Schanzer has increased in the preseason. At that time they were still celebrated, now the majority of them have to look for new clubs.

It’s no surprise after this frustrating season. After all, FCI are bottom of the 2nd Bundesliga table with 28:62 goals and just 20 points in 32 games and have won just four games.

2nd league: Schalke back in the fight for promotion, Rostock escapes the relegation zone
2nd Bundesliga
2nd league: Schalke back in the fight for promotion, Rostock escapes the relegation zone

Ingolstadt lacked class for the lower house of German football in almost every area, although they leveled off in the second half of the season except for a few slips and were able to keep pace.

However, that was no longer enough for the turn, so the Schanzer opted for the 3rd league build a new team, which involves some risk – but also opportunity.

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