‘LOL: Last One Laughing’ Endgame Confusion Finally Cleared: Fan Theory Was Wrong

Max Giermann or Stefan Raab? Viewers weren’t sure who was behind the guest star. The ending is the solution to the riddle.

After Max Giermann played the role of Stefan Raab in season 3 of “LOL: Last One Laughing”, the public – and Carolin Kebekus – did not know if he was in fact the comedian or not the real host of television for a guest appearance on camera. After appearing in the fourth episode, the character returns for a grand finale while solving the mystery.

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To make the finalists laugh, the real Stefan Raab tears off his mask and introduces Max Giermann. Although he got lost in his role as Klaus Kinski at the same time, it’s clear the gifted comedian is behind the half-ripped makeup. However, the confusion is completely understandable. Not only has Giermann honed the role of the TV presenter over the years, but the comedian’s makeup has also evolved and improved dramatically. How well the actor and comedian can transform into other people, he also regularly proves on Instagram. Take a closer look at Torsten Sträter:

This is why Stefan Raab’s performance was impossible

Even though the two look confusingly similar, an appearance by the real Stefan Raab on “LOL: Last One Laughing” could actually be ruled out right off the bat. The artist retired from show business a long time ago and although many popular formats such as “TV Total” or “Tower Jumping” will soon be restarting on television, the old master himself does not seek to appear in front of the camera.

Besides the fact that Stefan Raab is only involved behind the camera, an appearance by Max Giermann also makes much more sense. Not only is he an active comedian, but he himself only won “LOL: Last One Laughing” the previous season. So it was definitely easier to persuade him to make an appearance than the real Stefan Raab. Audiences shouldn’t be bothered by the confusion and should instead enjoy Giermann’s talented team and the people behind his mask.

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