Earth Overshoot Day: From Wednesday, Germany lives on credit

Status: 05.03.2022 4:35 p.m.

According to environmentalists, since Wednesday, Germany has already exhausted all resources that would be available for the whole year if used sustainably. This is one day earlier than last year.

According to calculations by environmentalists, Germany will already have exhausted its ecological resources by 2022 tomorrow this year. While the Global Earth Overshoot Day will be reached in the middle of summer, the German Earth Overshoot Day falls this time on May 4, as calculated by the Global Footprint Network. Last year it was May 5th. Twenty years ago, global burnout day was still in October.

The reasons for this year’s early date are, among other things, the still far too high energy consumption, the high CO2 emissions in traffic and industrial agriculture as well as the pollution of soil, air and groundwater.

“Beyond the limits”

“World Depletion Day shows once again how we live beyond the limit, waste our scarce resources and how we continue to treat our ecosystems,” said the German director of conservation of the nature of the WWF, Christoph Heinrich. Mathematically, the German share of the earth’s natural resources was already exhausted after the first four months of the year. “If every country in the world were to ‘budget’ like Germany, it would take more than three lands.”

The German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) said the start of German Earth Overshoot Day was a wake-up call and an indictment of failed environmental and conservation policies. nature conservation in recent years.

“We live on the credit and at the expense of the people of the countries of the South,” said Federal Director General Antje von Broock. “We all contribute to plundering the planet by the way we live, work, consume, eat, build or travel.” The war in Ukraine also shows how scarce and precious limited resources are.

speed limit required

Von Broock called on the federal government to provide the energy efficiency bill with binding targets. Effective energy-saving guidelines should be defined for the different sectors: “Measures that are easy to implement and have immediate effect, such as a general speed limit on motorways, should be put in place up quickly.” Legal requirements are necessary for the rapid energy modernization of buildings. In agriculture, the energy-intensive use of fertilizers must be reduced.

According to the researchers’ calculations, on the “World Depletion Day” proclaimed by environmental organizations, all the resources and buffers that the earth could naturally replace were depleted.

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