DSDS juror rejects possible cooperation

Toby Gad is one of the new judges for the current season of “DSDS”.Image: RTL/ Toby Gad

The 19th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” started in January. This year you will find after that Kicking the titan of pop Dieter Bohlen new faces at the jury table. In addition to singer Ilse DeLange and successful star Florian Silbereisen, successful producer Toby Gad also sits there and evaluates the contestants’ performances.

Now Toby Gad spoke in an interview with “tz.de” about possible successful collaborations and good music for rocking. Apparently he can’t imagine working with what is probably the biggest star in German-speaking music right now.

John Legend, Beyoncé and Fergie

Born in Munich, he is responsible for many of the most successful artists and hits of recent years. Her biggest hits include Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy” and John Legend’s “All Of Me”. This last song even received a Grammy. With Toby Gad there is a real music heavyweight in the “DSDS” jury.

However, the German Schlager is one size too large for him. “I respect the tube and I think you can dance the Polonaise to it or have fun”, according to the 54-year-old. Then he continues: “But I’m not a schlager expert and I’m not sure I can get a good result.” The ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ producer sees a joint project with Helene Fischer less in the future. But this is not necessary, according to the songwriter, after all, Florian Silbereisen is part of the jury and he is a real expert on hits.

Great career in America

Toby Gad Rather, the goal is to always write your own favorite song. Therefore, after a successful career as a songwriter in Europe, he finally found himself in America in 2000, where he “prepared for 22 years to gain a foothold in the American and English markets”.

Having risen to the top of the US charts as a producer in New York, he lost sight of what was happening in his home country, Gad says in an interview. “I no longer have this sense of what works in Germany”says the musician, who has even been in the studio with Madonna.

Now, back in Germany, Toby Gad brings American glamor to the “DSDS” jury. And now the father-of-two is very aware of what’s on offer musically in Germany, as ‘DSDS’ is about to reach the grand finale.

In his new book “All of Me”, the successful writer allows the reader to better understand his environment in the United States, his family life and also the dark sides of his career.


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