Dieter Bohlen meets a rapper and makes a spicy phrase

Dieter Bohlen and Katja Krasavice recently met to discuss seemingly important things.Image: Screenshot/Instagram/dieterbohlen

On May 5, Dieter Bohlen will release music again after his RTL bankruptcy. In fact, the pop titan has made sure year after year that “DSDS” winners also have a winning song. Last year, however, the TV network surprisingly said goodbye to Bohlen – in the middle of the current season of casting shows.

Since then, Bohlen has kept a low profile when it comes to new public projects, but now he’s teamed up with longtime bandmate Pietro Lombardi and hit rapper Katja Krasavice for a Remastering the Modern Hit “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” whole.

It remains to be seen if he will stay with the only single which will be released on Friday after an intensive promotional phase. At least Dieter Bohlen and Katja Krasavice have now indicated with a bizarre Instagram video that they could have met for another business conversation.

Dieter Bohlen makes spicy jokes

Dieter Bohlen posted an Instagram reel with Katja, which caused a stir on the social media platform. The former “DSDS” judge wrote on the “Secrets of the Night” music video as the rapper asks the audience, “What do you think we’re discussing here today? Write it down in the comments.” Bohlen answers the question in the video and exclaims:

“Sex, today only sex and doggy style, that’s clear.”

The remark is no coincidence, after all, Katja started her career as a revealing YouTuber, who addressed her sexuality in almost all of her posts. The subject of sex also plays a major role in his songs – “Doggy” was also the title of his debut single, released in 2017.

With this comment, Dieter also explained again why RTL parted ways with him professionally – one of the reasons was his not-quite-familiar lyrics, which he liked to throw on TV: “A revolutionary who always hits a little shit”does not fit into the RTL concept, explained Bohlen on Instagram.

Are Katja Krasavice and Bohlen planning a full covers album?

But what Dieter and Katja actually discussed remains their secret for now. However, users already have various ideas. Inspired by the fact that Bohlen put a neat filter on the video and consequently has smooth skin in the clip, one commenter suggests: “You argue which filter is the baddest.”

Many others already think that Katja and Dieter are not only planning to re-record “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, but that a Modern Talking remix album could be in the works.

Other considerations go along with your own casting. It was only recently announced that Pietro Lombardi also has such ambitions: in the “Lombardi Show” he will be looking for the next singing talent. Some users are already asking under Bohlen’s video, “Hope you’re discussing TV appearances!”


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