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The National Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Stuttgart has now received around 70 videos from Monday’s police operation, which ended in the death of a 47-year-old man.

The videos are meant to document Monday’s controversial police operation in Mannheim. It is not yet clear if and how many videos can be used, according to an LKA spokesperson. We are working hard on the evaluation. Also, about 30 witnesses have reported to the authority so far. After the police operation, a 47-year-old man died.

Events in Mannheim and Heidelberg

Tuesday evening, no less than 550 people demonstrated against police violence in Mannheim and Heidelberg. According to the police, around 150 people took part in the demonstration in Mannheim’s market square. Mannheim’s student body asked for it. “Murder by police” was written on the floor. About 30 people stood in front of the flowers where the man was checked on Monday.

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Also in Heidelberg, around 400 people marched through parts of the city center at the invitation of the Heidelberg Anti-Fascist Initiative to commemorate the 47-year-old. After the final rally, the demonstration was over. According to information from SWR, the meeting took place peacefully.

According to information from the SWR, the demonstration in Heidelberg was peaceful.


Protesters harshly criticize police

One of the organizers of the Mannheim demonstration was Benedikt Eckert. The 27-year-old strongly condemned the way police treated the man on Monday. “We are absolutely against police violence. The police are there to protect, not to attack,” he said.

Djamila Köfer, also an organizer, is convinced that the man died on Monday as a result of police treatment. “We are here today to send a very clear signal that we do not accept this, that we do not want such violence,” she told SWR. In his opinion, the basic structures of the police force should be changed so that such incidents no longer occur.


Flowers and messages on the sidewalk of the market square in Mannheim (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance/dpa/PR-Video | René Priebe)

After the death of a 47-year-old man on Monday after a police check in Mannheim, criticism of the police deployment has multiplied. The officers are now under investigation.

The 47-year-old’s cause of death remains unclear

It is still unclear how the man actually died. Police investigations are ongoing. The investigations of the Mannheim public prosecutor’s office and the Baden-Württemberg National Criminal Police Office (LKA BW) are now focusing on reconstructing what happened. A preliminary investigation has been opened against the two police officers involved due to bodily harm on duty resulting in death. The LKA continues to seek information from witnesses. The man is due to undergo an autopsy on Wednesday. The results of the autopsy will probably not be known before the end of the week. According to police information, the man is a German citizen.

Download the video (10.6 MB | MP4)

According to the LKA BW, the man was checked by two police officers on Monday afternoon. Shortly before, a doctor from the Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim (ZI) had alerted the police because a ZI patient might need help. It was this 47-year-old man.

Police want to use videos to investigate

Officials and the doctor searched for the man, they found him in downtown Mannheim. However, he resisted when the police tried to control him. Officers overpowered the 47-year-old, and later he suddenly collapsed lifeless. Videos then circulated on social media across the internet, which allegedly show how an officer punched the man in the head. Mannheim police tweeted on Tuesday: “Of course the LKA and the public prosecutor’s office will also use the various videos for further investigations.”

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