CSU General Secretary Stephan Mayer resigns

VSLeague secretary general Stephan Mayer resigned after just two months in office. In a statement distributed by the CSU on Tuesday evening, Mayer cited “health reasons” as the reason. It was his “personal decision”; According to FAZ information, he approached party leader Markus Söder.

Shortly before, the “Bild” newspaper reported on Mayer’s alleged inappropriate behavior towards a journalist from the “Bunte” magazine. According to information from the FAZ, Mayer became violent towards a journalist and threatened him because of a report on his private life.

“Bunte” reports in the current issue under the title “Why is he hiding his only child?” about an alleged illegitimate son of Mayer, “whom he does not hold publicly”. Mayer’s father paid for the child’s upkeep. According to “Bunte”, Mayer did not want to answer questions about it. The newspaper “Bild” also recently reported on the “secret son of General CSU”.

According to information from the FAZ, Mayer called the journalist twice after reading the article, a few hours apart, insulted him massively and threatened him with “destruction”. He would also have demanded that he pay him 200,000 euros in damages during the day and that he prevent the delivery of the magazine. There is said to be a witness to at least one phone call, apparently an employee of the Munich Press Club, of which the journalist is a member.

Mayer himself writes in his statement on the incidents: “In a conversation with a journalist from the ‘Bunte’, which was conducted because of manifestly illegal reporting, I may have used a choice of words which I would not consider not as appropriate in retrospect. I very much regret that.

Philipp Welte, CEO of Hubert Burda Media, told FAZ: “Threats of annihilation against journalists by a representative of our parliament, that is, a constitutional body, are an outrageous violation of the rules of the game. our country’s democratic and political culture. As a free press, we cannot and must not tolerate this.” CSU Chairman Söder announced a press release for Wednesday.

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