Check out the first 5 minutes of gameplay in Blizzard’s new mobile game

Blizzard yesterday unveiled a new Warcraft strategy game: Warcraft Arclight Rumble (iOS, Android). 5 minutes of gameplay for the game can now be seen on YouTube. The discussion is once again controversial: Blizzard is accused of being behind on this “mobile gaming” trend; others say Blizzard has always followed trends.

Whose video is this? The first Arclight Rumble gameplay video is from Towelliee, a Twitch streamer. He is apparently one of the first Blizzards to get access to the game that has been the subject of so much controversy. Because for many Blizzard fans, Mobile is a red flag.

5 minutes of play for Arclight Rumble

Here’s what he says about the game: The streamer explains in a 5-minute video:

  • Blizzard marketed the game as a “tower offense” game, in fact it was more of an action strategy game
  • You build your forces from leaders and minis – leaders are well-known Warcraft characters like Grom Hellscream, Jaina, or Baron Rivendale.
  • There would be a large single-player campaign with 70 missions
  • Plus weekly and monthly challenges in the form of epic dungeons or raids
  • There are around 60 World of Warcraft characters, which are presented like in a tabletop board game and can be leveled and upgraded

Here is the first Arclight Rumble gameplay:

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Arclight Rumble is Mobile-First – No plans for PC yet

Does this also happen on PC? In addition to the YouTube video, Towelliee is also streaming the game live on Twitch.

There, he announced that no PC port was planned at the moment, as he had learned from Blizzard. Blizzard isn’t completely ruling this out for the future, but has no plans to do so.

The game is designed from the ground up for mobile and is also intended to be “mobile first”. Blizzard also wants to invest more in Arclight Rumble.

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The first hints of the game were already in 2017

What’s wrong with the game? We’ve been reporting on MeinMMO since 2017 that a “Warcraft Mobile” game is apparently planned. Even then, we suspected the game might be based on mobile strategy games like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. These games were very popular at the time. This is exactly what has happened now.

There’s evidence that Arclight Rumble has been in development for a very long time: over the past few years, it’s been repeatedly reported how unhappy Activision is with Blizzard releasing too few games and taking too long to to develop.

Here’s how Blizzard presented the game itself in the trailer:

Trailer of Warcraft: Arclight Rumble, the new mobile game from Blizzard

“Blizzard has always followed trends”

How is the reaction to the gameplay? Still in the discussion on the trailer, we notice that the discussion on the game is very distant:

  • Many say it’s “just not a game for them”. It looks boring
  • Some criticize Blizzard for being very late with such a “Tower Defense” game in 2022
  • But there are also those who defend Blizzard: They say, for example, that Blizzard has never been an innovator, has always followed trends and then improved them. They want to at least give Warcraft a chance

We have also listed a detailed illustration of this discussion and the first reactions on MeinMMO:

Blizzard Announces New Warcraft Mobile, Players Complain: Doesn’t Look Like Warcraft At All

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