BR24live: Söder on the resignation of CSU General Secretary Mayer

CSU boss Markus Söder must look for a new general secretary after a few weeks: CSU general secretary Stephan Mayer, who has only been in office since February, surprisingly resigned on Tuesday.

In a personal statement by Bundestag MP Altöttinger, which is available to the BR, it is written: “For health reasons, I asked the leader of the CSU party today to release me from my post as general secretary.”

CSU boss Markus Söder’s statement on the resignation of his general secretary Stephan Mayer and his potential successors will be broadcast live from 10 a.m. on BR24.

Mayer admits misconduct against reporters

However, Mayer points to a second reason. He addressed a reporter in an “inappropriate choice of words”. And further: “In a conversation with a Bunten reporter, which was based on patently illegal reporting, I may have used a choice of words that I would not consider appropriate in retrospect. I very much regret that.”

Mayer thus confirms, at least in part, an incident previously reported by the newspaper “Bild”. The newspaper reported threats against a journalist from the Burda publishing house. According to “Bild”, Mayer told him on the phone: “I will destroy you, I will find you, I will follow you until the end of your life, I demand 200,000 euros in compensation, which you must transfer to me today. today.”

Burda Council: “flagrant violation”

Burda board member Philipp Welte told ‘Bild’ newspaper: “Threats of annihilation against journalists by a representative of our parliament, that is, a constitutional body, are a violation outrageous democratic rules of the game and the political culture of our country. We can and can do it as free people. Do not tolerate the press.” The publisher said a lawsuit has been filed against Mayer in the meantime.

CSU: The search for a successor continues

Mayer was not named CSU general secretary until Feb. 23, after Markus Blume, who had served until then, became science minister in a cabinet reshuffle. Mayer himself said during his resignation that he “fulfilled his duties with great pleasure. I would like to thank the whole party and especially our party chairman Markus Söder for the very good and friendly cooperation.”

Söder said he would comment on the case on Wednesday morning. The resignation is expected to hit the CSU boss hard. With Mayer’s election as Blume’s successor in February, he also determined the direction of CSU in terms of content. “Rural area, conservative, Catholic too,” is how the CSU boss described the 48-year-old during his presentation. With this, Söder linked the expectation that the new general secretary should win back lost regular voters.

Names under discussion – but the decision is open

About a year and a half before the regional elections in Bavaria, Söder must now quickly fill the central position of the party. Because the most important task of Mayer now falls to his successor: to develop the strategy for the regional elections of 2023 and to prepare the electoral campaign.

Florian Hahn was one of the first names to pop up. The CSU politician is a member of the German Bundestag and spokesman for the Union faction’s defense policy, but previously served as deputy general secretary from 2019 to February this year. It is also conceivable that the post will be held by the CSU parliamentary group. That could go to the current deputy general secretary, Tanja Schorer-Dremel. In CSU circles, it was learned Tuesday night that Mayer’s successor had yet to be decided.

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