Bill Kaulitz: He waited a year for a stuffed swan

Bill Kaulitz likes to show off in eye-catching outfits. But it’s not just her taste for fashion that seems extravagant, but also her decorating preferences.

In his podcast with his brother Tom Kaulitz (32) “Kaulitz Hills – Hollywood Mustard”, Bill Kaulitz (32) repeatedly gives insight into how he works in private. This week, he reports on a rather extravagant purchase he allegedly recently made.

Is he really serious? In the video above, you can check out the bizarre requests Bill Kaulitz would have for his backstage.

Bill Kaulitz: A stuffed swan as living room decoration

In their podcast, Bill and Tom Kaulitz like to poke fun at telling their listeners stories that aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Above all, Tom Kaulitz is to blame for the fact that these are often believed. “People don’t understand your sarcasm,” her brother accuses her in the latest episode of the format. However, in this case, Bill Kaulitz is quite credibly reporting a very special new decorative element in his Los Angeles home.

“And I had a swan made for myself, a real one”, reveals the musician. He had the specially stuffed bird imported from Europe. “He now lives in my living room, on a mirrored bronze column”, continues the interpreter of “Tokio Hotel”. For him, it is simply a “beautiful work of art”.

Tom Kaulitz on Bill’s establishment: “A bit like going to a Greek restaurant”

Tom Kaulitz can only smile. He seems to have grown accustomed to his brother’s unusual tastes. The new accent piece would go great with the other furniture in her home anyway. Heidi Klum’s man (48) jokes that Bill’s house “looks a bit like a Greek restaurant”.

Bill Kaulitz: His friends think the decorative swan is ‘tasteless’

However, some of Bill Kaulitz’s friends would not have accepted his new decorative swan with as much humor as Brother Tom. “A lot of people I said that to were really shocked,” says the musician. Some of them even find it “tasteless” to have a stuffed animal, he says. However, he himself does not understand the excitement aroused by his new occupant of the living room. “They will not be killed for that”, specifies Bill Kaulitz.

Bill Kaulitz: A Year’s Wait for the Stuffed Swan

Rather, they are swans that died a natural death. Getting your hands on such a rare specimen is also a “long process”. You have to put on a special list what he finally did with his architect. And then you have to be patient. “I’ve been waiting for this swan for almost a year now,” says Bill Kaulitz. He was very happy to finally be allowed to move into his house: “I think it looks really, really good!”

However, to find out if Bill Kaulitz actually said stuffed swan in his living room, you’d have to pay him a personal visit to the Hollywood Hills.

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