Alexander Nübel on career planning – back to Schalke?

Nübel was forced to change if he didn’t want his career to be ruined in his mid-twenties at what is probably Germany’s highest-paid bank. Nevertheless, he would make the decision for Munich with the knowledge he has today. “I don’t regret the step, I would do it again and again,” Nübel said at a press conference in which t-online also took part. In 2023, when his loan to Monaco expires, he could once again try to become Munich’s number one. Could, because there is an exclusion criterion for Nübel: “If Manuel (Neuer, editor’s note) were still to be there, I don’t think he will be anymore.” Then it makes “no sense for me to come back”, Nübel said.

Alexander Nübel: The place on the substitutes’ bench was usually reserved for the FC Bayern goalkeeper. (Source: Team 2/imago-images-pictures)

According to consistent media reports, Bayern are working full throttle on an extension with Neuer until at least 2024. Nübel is tied to FC Bayern until the summer of 2025. Could another loan move until Neuer’s abdication spell the solution to the pending goalkeeper dilemma?

“Difficult,” a visibly sullen Nübel replies to t-online’s request, before adding: “Actually, I’m more in favor of another path.” Although he doesn’t want to completely wipe this option off the table, he would have to be shown a concrete future in Munich. However, since contacts with Bayern are currently minimal, Nübel underlines at the end of his speech: “I tend to make the right decision (2023, editor’s note).”

Back to Schalke? Nübel keeps the option open

This “good decision” could also bring the former U21 national goalkeeper back to Germany, to a club that is not called FC Bayern Munich. Recently, the 1.93 m giant has repeatedly stressed in interviews how much he misses his homeland of East Westphalia. An obvious solution that would cure his homesickness and give substance to his football career would be a return to his former club Schalke.

The Royal Blues, who could seal their return to the Bundesliga this weekend with some support from the competition, want to change their goalkeeper position in the summer, according to several media. An internal analysis has led to the conclusion that current goalkeeper Martin Fraisl cannot be attested to the top league. However, Nübel rules out inheriting the Austrian in the Gelsenkirchen area.

“Not in one or two years,” Nübel answered when asked by t-online whether he could imagine returning to Schalke. However, the second sentence of his remarks should make both Schalke officials and Ruhrpottklub supporters sit up and take notice: “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next three or four years. J still love the club – even though the departure was difficult and unpleasant.” For him, the first thing that matters is Schalke doing the resurgence patch. “I’m praying they come up this week and I’m really excited about it.”

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