What does Papa Pietro Lombardi think: Alessio soon in “The Voice Kids”? – TV

Here the little ones become big stars.

The live finale of the 10th season “The Voice Kids” (8:15 p.m., Sat. 1) will take place in Berlin on Friday. This year, the young talents will be supported by singer Pietro Lombardi (29), who, as a special guest, will present a medley of “I won’t let you go” and “Phenomenal” with the finalists.

“I can’t wait to be on stage with all the children. At my concerts, I always have little fans on stage. It’s always a very special and emotional moment for me and certainly for the children as well”, says Pietro Lombardi.

(From left to right): Michi Beck, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Wincent Weiss are among the coaches of Foto: © SAT.1/Bastian Bochinski

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Michi Beck, Lena Meyer-Landrut and Wincent Weiss (left to right) are among the coaches of “The Voice Kids” this yearPhoto: © SAT.1/Bastian Bochinski

Pietro has been following the show for years and reveals, “I think it’s great that such young talents have the chance to try out and have a stage for their first appearances.”

Lombardi finds it “incredible that there are always great children who pass on their love of music so early and touch the public. I am happy for every child who signs up and wants to be part of it”.

Pietro Lombardi has been a successful singer since 2017Foto: Raphael Stötzel

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Pietro Lombardi is very successful as a singerPhoto: Raphaël Stötzel

Really on everyone?

He regularly publishes on his Instagram channel how he sings with his son Alessio (6). But what does he think if one day Alessio really wants to go to “The Voice Kids”? Like Patricia Kelly’s (52) then 13-year-old son, Iggi Kelly, in 2017?

“I would support him 100%. I think every kid should be able to try things out and I’ll try to help them as best I can,” the proud dad is certain.

Even as a child, he would have had the courage to step onto a big stage.

“For me, however, football was the main focus for years, so the opportunity never arose,” says the singer. He was already 19 when he won “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2011.

15-year-old Jemina from North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the favorites this yearFoto: © SAT.1 / André Kowalski

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Jemina, 15, from North Rhine-Westphalia, is one of the favorites of “The Voice Kids” this yearPhoto: © SAT.1 / André Kowalski

And what advice does he have for this year’s winner of “The Voice Kids”?

Pietro Lombardi: “I wish the winner a good start to his career and the opportunity to find out if he likes the path he has taken. Winning a casting offers many opportunities, but also difficult decisions and many of pressure. The most important thing is to never lose the fun. The winner must enjoy this special moment and be celebrated, take everything with him and try what is possible and what he wants to do.

And maybe Alessio will use this opportunity in one of the next seasons.

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