There is no answer to the question: Putin has no time for the Pope

There is no response to the request
Putin has no time for the Pope

Pope Francis would like to work to end the war in Ukraine – and meet Russian President Putin. So far, however, he has not responded to the efforts of the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to his own statements, Pope Francis asked Moscow a few weeks ago for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to work towards an end to the war. “We don’t have an answer yet and we’re still insisting on it, although I’m afraid Putin can’t and won’t do the meeting right now,” the 85-year-old said. the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

Immediately after the war began on February 24, Francis called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. However, there has been no conversation with Putin yet. Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin is said to have submitted the offer of a meeting in the Kremlin in mid-March. Speaking to the Milan daily, Francis expressed concern that Putin is not ready for such a meeting yet.

François currently considers that a visit to Ukraine is not possible. “I can’t go to Kyiv at the moment. I have to go to Moscow first, first I have to meet Putin,” the Argentine said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Klitschko brothers had already invited Francis to come to kyiv. Francis said he spoke to Zelenskyy at the start of the war, but not to Putin. Instead, he went to the Russian ambassador to the Holy See and demanded an explanation. “I wanted to make a clear move for the whole world to see.”

Criticism of arms deliveries

Speaking to the newspaper, the Pope also commented on the role of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Cyril. He doesn’t think this is the right way to change Putin’s mind. “I spoke to Kirill via Zoom for 40 minutes. For the first twenty minutes, he read me the justifications for the war with a piece of paper in his hand,” Francis said. The Patriarch publicly supported Putin’s actions in Ukraine, thus causing irritation in some parts of the Orthodox churches. The pope criticized Russia’s attack on Ukraine and recently canceled a scheduled meeting with Cyril.

The sovereign pontiff also criticized arms deliveries to Ukraine. “The arms trade is a scandal, only a few thwart it,” said the pope, whose real name is Jorge Bergoglio. However, he admitted that he could not answer the question of whether the supply from Ukraine was right or not because it was too far away. However, it is clear that weapons are being tested in Ukraine. Summarizing the current situation surrounding Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the pope said that “there is not enough will for peace.”

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