Special podcast with jessirocks on Diablo 4, Immortal, Lost Ark and action RPGs

Diablo Immortal is coming to PC, Diablo 4 is also approaching, and Lost Ark satisfies today’s action RPG cravings. But what about the future of the genre? In our special podcast, we talk to our guest jessirocks about all of these topics.

What is it about? Currently, news about the PC port of Diablo Immortal is pleasing to action RPG fans. The unintentionally funny phrase, if fans don’t have cellphones, has finally caught on. But is it really a good idea and could it conflict with the upcoming Diablo 4?

Who is at the start? Micha from the GameStar podcast, our MeinMMO Diablo expert Benedict, and the Diablo streamer jessirocks want to pursue these and other questions in our special podcast.

What are the exact topics? Our expert panel in the podcast also talks about the genre of action RPGs and hack & slays in general. How does the genre evolve in the context of games like Lost Ark. Do action RPGs absolutely need MMORPG elements like crafting or should games be more like Diablo 2 and go back to basics? Check out our podcast and hear what we have to say about it.

Where is the podcast? If you’re already curious about what we have to say, then wait no longer. You can find the Action RPG podcast embedded here. Good listening.

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