Solid mid-range smartphone under 250 euros

Oppo launches the A76 for the attractively priced middle class. Can the smartphone convince on a daily basis? And is it a good choice for just under 250 euros or should you rather choose another model? We did the test for you.

Like last year, there will be new Oppo A-series models in 2022. The Oppo A76 launched in March for an RRP of 249 euros, but is now available for 230-240 euros. Over time, the price will certainly come down a bit, and Oppo should be back with some tempting offers soon. By the way: you have the choice between the colors Glowing Black or Glowing Blue.

In addition to the smartphone, the delivery also includes a transparent protective covera power supply for charging and a USB-A to USB-C cable. Of course, a small tool for the SIM slot and a user manual should not be missing. On top of that, there is one factory applied screen protectorso you can start right away with the Oppo A76.

design and processing

For our test, we received the Oppo A76 in Glowing Black, a matte black with a slight shimmer effect – depending on the incidence of light. The frame, on the other hand, is completely matte black, which gives the smartphone a very simple look. On the other hand, if you like it more visible, you can opt for the blue variant, which changes color slightly in the light.

Although the back and frame are plastic, the A76 leaves behind a robust impression. In addition, there is a not so negligible advantage: the back does not break so quickly. On the other hand, AGC TD-Pro glass is used on the front. Similar to Corning’s Gorilla Glass, this material is also slightly more scratch resistant.

Plain in black or flashy in blue

The A76 does not have an official IP rating, but according to Oppo, the smartphone should be protected against splashing water. A light shower shouldn’t be a problem, but you shouldn’t take the device with you in the shower or swimming.

On the right side, integrated with the power button, is a fingerprint sensor. With this, the smartphone can be unlocked very conveniently, quickly and accurately. The mono speaker at the bottom (so no stereo sound) offers fairly decent sound quality, but could use a bit more detail and volume. On the top, however, there is a 3.5mm jack connection.


Oppo is betting on 6.56 inch LCD panel, which has a resolution of 1,612 x 720 pixels in HD+. Unfortunately, it’s not as sharp as Full HD+ or even QHD+, but the resolution is quite sufficient for everyday use and saves power. In return for this, however, there is an increase 90Hz refresh rate, with which moving content and games come into their own much more easily. According to the manufacturer, the screen brightness should be up to 600 nits quantity in the sun.

And who would have thought: With our X-rite i1 display profiler, we were able to measure exactly this specification – even with 100% APL, i.e. full white screen. However, the punch hole in the top left, where the front camera is, causes light shadows and somewhat inconsistent lighting around the circular section. However, this is only noticeable on closer inspection from the side. Overall, the screen’s color calibration is very balanced, but the A76’s LCD doesn’t come close to the black levels or contrast of an OLED display.

Performance and Storage

Qualcomm is working under the hood Snapdragon 680 SoC, which has eight cores and clocks up to 2.4 GHz. The 6nm chip is in the lower mid-range and uses an Adreno 610 graphics unit. However, a 5G modem for the new mobile communication standard is not on board, so the A76 can “only” with 4G LTE spark. The Oppo A76 also has Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC for mobile payments.

Enough power for daily use

These are attached 4 gigabytes of memory, which in 2022 is a bit mediocre even for a smartphone in this price range. Although there is a software-side RAM expansion that can use one to three gigabytes of internal memory as working memory, even the predecessor, the Oppo A74, was able to fall back on 6 GB of RAM.

The performance is quite sufficient for everyday tasks. Although graphics performance lags, even games such as Pokémon Go, Among Us or Subway Surfers can be played play fluently. For slightly more demanding games, like Asphalt 9, you should use Pro Gamer mode for maximum performance. This can be activated via the game toolbox, which is called up automatically with every game, in a slider bar on the side.

Internal memory is 128 gigabytes, which is more than enough for some photos, videos, and apps. However, if necessary, you can MicroSD card use for memory expansion. What’s good: With a triple slot, Oppo allows the use of microSD in combination with two nano SIM cards for a dual SIM.

Unfortunately, so far “only” with Android 11..

Android 11 with ColorOS 11.1 is used as the operating system. To be honest, we don’t quite understand why a brand new smartphone in 2022 should always come with the Android version of 2019 is delivered. Although the latest security patch will be installed in April 2022, the next generation, Android 13, is already expected in June.

A Upgrade to Android 12 should be in the starting blocks, but Oppo was unable to give us a specific date for the “rollout” of the software. Basically, the A76 should receive two OS upgrades (up to Android 13) and three years of security patches (still quarterly).

Charge the battery

With 5,000 mAh, the Oppo A76 has a fairly generous battery capacity. The smartphone (with a fixed display brightness of 300 nits, activated at 90 Hz and active GPS + WLAN) held up in the PC Mark Battery Benchmark 13 hours and 37 minutes before the remaining charge reaches 20%. The smartphone should allow you to get through the day without any problems, and a second or even a third day without a power outlet is possible.

And if the battery is empty, it can be charged up to 33 watts via SuperVOOC (Oppos charging technology). full charge in just under 60 minutes. The matching power supply is already included in the delivery. And so that the battery is not permanently charged and damaged during overnight charging, overnight charging is optimized. It learns from your daily charging routine and can adjust the charging speed accordingly.

By the way: The Oppo A76 charges just as fast as a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which costs well over $1,000 and comes without a charger in the box. 😉

Camera and sample photos

On the back, the Oppo A76 has a dual camera 13-megapixel main sensor (f/2.2 aperture) and a 2-megapixel bokeh sensor are available. For selfies, Oppo installs an 8-megapixel front camera in a round punch-hole in the top left. All in all, a pretty straightforward setup for snapshots in between. In the age of triple and quad cameras with often larger megapixel counts, this might seem a bit unusual at first glance.

Good photos by day, difficulties at night

But in the end, the image quality is more important, and the main sensor can score points with fairly decent photos. Not only are the brightness and contrast matched well, but the coloring isn’t oversaturated either, despite the AI ​​mode. In addition, the autofocus is fast and precise. The main sensor can even keep up well with HDR shots, one of the primary disciplines of smartphone photography.

In somewhat darker environments or at night, however, the sensor wears out quickly. Although night shots are successful with good light and colors are also captured cleanly, the result quickly becomes a washed out “oil painting” without a steady hand. At first glance, the photos in the dark are quite impressive considering the price range.

The bokeh camera adds the finishing touch to portrait photos and ensures that the demarcation between a sharp foreground and a blurred background (aka “bokeh”) is as precise as possible. In practice, this distinction works extremely well, but requires a few tries. Only one out of two portrait photos succeeds and is perfectly focused. Despite partial manual touch focus, the person is often underexposed and blurry, Oppo still needs to improve here.

Developable portraits, but chic selfies

And last but not least, there’s the front camera, which – despite the relatively low resolution – can also impress us with decent selfie quality. The results are not only sharp, but also perfectly crisp and well color matched. Either flagship smartphone can learn a lot from here.

The Oppo A76 can record videos in Full HD, but only at a maximum of 30 frames per second. We would have liked at least Full HD at 60 fps here, because the Qualcomm chip should be able to do it according to the specifications. Unfortunately, there is no optical (OIS) or software (EIS) stabilization. So you need a steady hand if you don’t want the videos to be too shaky.


The Oppo A76 offers a very solid overall package at a reasonable price. Not only can you expect a bright screen, long battery life and solid performance, but the camera is also great for snapshots in between. However, an additional sensor for a bit more flexibility when taking shots, such as an ultra-wide-angle or macro camera, would have been nice for the smartphone.

The processor is powerful enough for daily use, but the working memory could have been a little more sumptuous. Its predecessor and the strong competition in this price range offer a bit more under the hood. The positives, however, are the included protective case and the pre-applied screen protector. There’s also a 33-watt power supply, which recharges the battery in just under 60 minutes.

All in all, the Oppo A76 priced at just under 240 euros is a pretty quiet smartphone, but you won’t do much with it. However, since there are plenty of competitors in this price range, alternatives include a OnePlus Nord CE, Poco M4 Pro 5G, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 11.


  • bright display with 90 Hz
  • good day camera
  • solid performance for everyday use
  • Protective cover included
  • long battery life
  • robust housing with good workmanship

the inconvenients

  • a bit of memory
  • unfortunately no ultra wide or macro camera
  • “old” Android 11

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