Schleswig-Holstein election poll: CDU is by far the most powerful force – domestic politics

A new regional parliament will be elected this Sunday in Schleswig-Holstein.

Just in time for the elections in the far north of the Federal Republic, the CDU is accelerating in the polls. In the current Schleswig-Holstein trend for BILD, the CDU has significantly improved compared to the regional elections five years ago, reaching 36% (plus four percentage points).

This makes the party of Prime Minister Daniel Günther (48, CDU) by far the strongest force!

Bad news for the SPD! The Schleswig-Holstein Social Democrats drop significantly to 20% (minus 7.3 points). The Greens reach 16% (plus 3.1 points), the FDP 9% (minus 2.5).

The AfD maintains its result with 6%. The left only reaches 3% (minus 0.8), the SSW goes to 5% (plus 1.7). The other parties together reach 5%.

Plain Text: The current Jamaican government is on the verge of collapse. Because: A bipartisan alliance is emerging, the CDU only needs one coalition partner. With a total of 52%, a black-green coalition would win the majority of votes.

Even a traffic light of the SPD, Greens and FDP would meet with the Association of Voters of South Schleswig (SSW) with 50% – and therefore with a clear parliamentary majority.

Almost half of voters also agree that the CDU should lead the government of Schleswig-Holstein. This is what 48% of all respondents want. On the other hand, only 22% want the SPD to lead the future government.

Every second for Daniel Günther

Prime Minister Daniel Günther also achieved good survey results. In the event of a direct election, one in two people (49%) would vote for the outgoing head of state.

Naked (13%) for Thomas Losse-Müller (49), head of the SPD list. One in five (20%) say they don’t want to vote for either.

Hermann Binkert, head of INSA: “Prime Minister Daniel Günther makes the regional elections a personal choice. He is the guarantee of the success of the CDU. Jamaica in Schleswig-Holstein is coming to an end. Four alliances seem mathematically possible. Either it is black-green, black-yellow plus SSW or a traffic light plus SSW.

For the INSA-Schleswig-Holstein-Trend commissioned by BILD, a total of 1,000 adult citizens of Schleswig-Holstein were interviewed from April 25 to May 2, 2022.

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